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How Ordinary People are Helping Celebrities to Marketing Themselves Online!!!


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What does The Big Game, Britney Spears, Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Lopez, Bill Gates, Lauryn Hill have in common. These are all successful people who make lots of money by managing and marketing their images /products aggressively both online as well as off. Stars use webforms and auto-responders to collect information and to keep their fans informed. Imagine helping budding actresses/actors, singers and other entertainers to market themselves on the internet all from the comfort of your home.

SALES IN MINUTES (SIMS) sells sophisticated multi-responders which are supercharged auto-responders for a one time out of pocket cost of $35. Many of these same multi-responders are being advertised for as much as $14.95 - $19.95 a month.

How is SALES IN MINUTES able to do this? When you purchase a multi-responder (SIMPRO)you are automatically enrolled in our Rental Rewards program. Everyone who is enrolled is placed in a 6 x 6 forced no holes matrice from left to right from top to bottom. This means that you will be part of someones else's downline and members purchasing SIMPRO's after you will be part of your downline.

What do you think this will do for your sales when your clients find out that not only do they have a supercharged auto-responder (for a one time out of pocket cost of $35) but they also earn commissions on sales of other SIMPRO members?

How many people do you know are working part-time jobs while attending acting or singing school?

How many struggling actors/actresses and singers do you know are trying to make it to the big time?

Do you think all these entertainers would like an easier way of making money, one that allows them to network and help each other the SIM way? Of course they would!!!

Lets go over what you get for $35

  • A supercharged auto-responder that allows you to send up to 12 responses at different durations
  • A Webform which allows your client/fan to input valuable information
  • Placement in SIM's Rental Rewards Program which entitles you to commissions on the sales of multi-responders
  • Free rentries (business centers) for every multi-responder (SIMPRO) purchased.

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