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What is SID?

SID is a downline building organization that enrolls its members as distributors and buyers of products in other companies. As a SID distributor you will earn both multiple and residual income from your effort and the efforts of your downline. SID is forming downlines for hundreds of people all over the world. It is SID's hope and vision that people all over the world will no longer be taken in by SCAMS but will become successful entrepreneurs who in turn will help and empower others to become successful citizens in their own country.

How will SID ensure this?

By providing a viable, honest global business opportunity and working in conjunction with IMA which is the financing arm of INTERGOV , an organization devoted to keeping the Internet free and open to all. INTERGOV offers free services such as SCAMWATCH, WEBPOLICE, YOUTH WATCH and other important services FREE. Bruce Therrien , SIDís founder, is IMA's Ambassador to the English speaking home-based enterprises.