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Testimonal From Our Members


Hi Everyone;
I am doing a survey to find what are the biggest benefits to being a member of SID? If you have a view on this please feel free to post. I am going to take the best ten benfits and post them to the Library. Thanks for your responses. Your views will benefit the Vision Of SID.
Kevin Jones ELT

Matt Claeys - posted 09-21-98 06:32 AM Eastern Time (USA)    

By far, the best reason for being a member of SID is the support that we receive. I have never been with a company before where so many people, with or without personal gain, will help the members of our team. Everyone always talks about true team support, but this is the first time that I have actually seen it come to be. This is what makes SID Stand Out from the rest. Not the programs, not the pre-built downlines, but the support and true, almost family like, atmosphere that we have.

Proud SID Team Member,

Matt Claeys

PS. You are either up late, or very early. It is 3:30AM now, and I'm pulling a late night still recovering from this weekend. I'm sure you had some catching up to do too.

Kevin Jones - posted 09-21-98 07:17 AM Eastern Time (USA)    
Thanks Matt that`s a good one. KJ.


Larry D Early Enterprises - posted 09-21-98 08:00 AM Eastern Time (USA)  
I agree with Matt it's the SUPPORT and the FAMILY.
Never have I been in another organization that had this kind of support or this kind of family atmosphere.

My heartfealt thanks to all of the SIDizens.
'Together We Will Prosper'

Stephanie Remers Leader - posted 09-21-98 08:37 AM Eastern Time (USA)  
Hi Kevin!
Something tells me you are going to see this thread fill with the same, or similar responses! Support, friendship, comraderie. We really are just like a family here. We have gone way beyond the boundaries of any "normal" MLM. We not only share tips & strategies, but hopes & dreams, laughter & tears. We were globally united by a common Vision that has grown into so much more! That's why we will succeed!


Hans Moser - posted 09-21-98 10:02 AM Eastern Time (USA)    
Hi Kevin,

Well your list might just be very short and very complete.

All of the other benefits of SID will come from the fantastic support and the friendships that are generated from SID.
Some of the benefits that will be generated are increased finacial security, more time with our families, less work realted STRESS, increased lesuire time, FREEDOM.
These are just a few that come to mind.

Gooooooooooo SID!!

Your FRIEND and partner in success,
Hans Moser

Dan Verdino - posted 09-21-98 11:09 AM Eastern Time (USA)    
The single biggest benefit for being a member of SID is.........................

The potentiality of procuring the finances to live a prosperous and meaningful life and to share this vision with anyone with the capability to look beyond their past unfruitful experiences with networkmarketing and to dream the supposedly impossible dream of complete financial freedom. That is the biggest benefit. Right along with that bottom line benefit, is the feeling of being wanted and appreciated, as we stand by the phrase "people helping people" and "share the vision."

SANDI WANNER - posted 09-21-98 11:49 AM Eastern Time (USA)    

Hi Everyone!

This is my FIRST MLM and sure to be my "One and Only"! I, too, find that the support and caring of one another to be the BEST there is! Where else could you find such a large group that is here for one another regardless what the need is?!?!?! Each of us would love to attain financial freedom but for me the bottom line is: everyone shares their expertise with one another. I have gained valuable knowledge from posts that I could never gain in a college course!...and it has not cost me bukko bucks, stressful travel time and hours of sitting in a classroom! This "classroom" is virtually endless and not cost prohibative! Please know that I appreciate all the assistance I have received and will learn quickly so that I, too, can assist others in their endeavors!

Again and Again...

Love ya, ALL!


Jim Braes - posted 09-21-98 12:33 PM Eastern Time (USA)    

Well, Kevin I hate to say ditto but the support, the honesty, sincerity and commitment from our leadership set this company apart from all the others. We have a community of friends like no other, something to be cherished. SID also provides a forum for learning, so important to the success for all.


Terry Murphy - posted 09-21-98 12:45 PM Eastern Time (USA)     

Hi all,

I agree that the support we receive is #1. I also like the safety net provided to us by first joining three programs in Phase 1 and then additional programs in future phases. I have had the experience of belonging to programs that just vanish without warning. If that should happen here we are still Going SID all the way.

Success For All,

crystal smith - posted 09-21-98 12:54 PM Eastern Time (USA)   

Personally, being a SIDizen is the
love, care, teamwork,and support!
Think of this: a SIDizen under
financial pressure not being able to
join Phase1 is HELPED with the funds
by many caring SID members OR a
SIDizen who needs prayer support for
his dying mother asks and receives
and sees answers to prayers. Wow,
this is more than a MLM's people sharing and
caring for others and I count it a
privilege to belong to this family.


Ed Friedman Leader - posted 09-21-98 01:16 PM Eastern Time (USA)    

Hi Kevin...Great Idea.....

I see being part of SID for one is being part of MLM history in the making..As most members shared the support factor, well that is definitly a tremendous benefit in MLM
programs..However the years of being
involved with MLMs you will not find
this type of support as inless a member is in your direct downline then you may get the support needed..

The SID concept being People Helping
People is unheard of until now, it
does not matter who's downline your in a member will get the same support
and tools as the rest...this is one
main factor that will put SID on the map.....If you look at it this concept breaks the MLM mold as we are
not trying to cut each others throat
where by we share what works the best
with all....NO SECRETS...

Besides that: Is's the actual concept in how we are joining these programs, another first in the MLM arena...and
if we continue with this concept our
success will be truly a milestone in
this are the tools provided to build with, another benefit in being a Proud member of SID...these tools should not be taken for granted as most MLMs do not even
come close to what we have to work with..

To sum it up we are a FAMILY with the
Power of also being a MLM program..

With the ELT's, SSLT's, Leaders, and
Members we will be very hard to stop
as you don't mess with Family, as it's the tides that bind us together
and the Vision we all share as a common factor that will be to our

Dan Verdino - posted 09-21-98 01:30 PM Eastern Time (USA)    

Lets review the SID Network concept:

1. It was FREE to join!

2. You had to join 3 programs in order to make "money" and become a SIDizen!

3. At this time, you had no idean what kind of "support" you were going to get!

I would wager about 90% of people joined because it was FREE.

Then, they probably thought, I should be able to make some good money out of 3 programs..even if one failed, I still have the other two. (Evidently, a lot did not think this was a good idea and left).

Then, we received answers to our questions, help in technical areas of MLM and other excellent "support."

So, to me it now looks like this.

The benefits of being a SIDizen in the network of SID is:

1. Potential Financial Freedom

2. Excellent Leadership and Support

3. Compassionate and considerate members who may become life-long friends.

4. The opportunity to help members with little or less experience in network marketing so they may also succeed.

5. An excellent Bulletin Board where questions can be asked and answered.

This is a business, basically, and in business you are concerned first of all with...Will I make money?

Now, in the SID concept, we have the additional "luxury" of having excellent support and leadership plus a group of SIDizens who truly care about each other.

Gary Jacobs - posted 09-21-98 03:09 PM Eastern Time (USA)     

Everything that all of you have said is very true. But none of the support,etc. could have been accomplished if it were not for the open communication that has been created by this entire BBS system. I have reviewed many bbs's, and none even come close to what we have here.

IMHO that is the first, and most important step. It is the one thing that we have that NONE of the others have! And am I ever thankful!



Dan Verdino - posted 09-21-98 03:39 PM Eastern Time (USA)   

I agree Gary..This UBB surpasses any I have ever seen.


Susan Dubreuil - posted 09-21-98 06:11 PM Eastern Time (USA)    

The biggest benefit to me is being able to share financial success with people who really mean something to me. All SID members
are dedicated and caring people. This group of great people will obtain marked success!

Sue Dubreuil

Chris Alexander - posted 09-21-98 09:02 PM Eastern Time (USA)    


Well SID is very special to me because of the
committment Bruce, leaders and other fellow SIDizens have made to our success. The unique concept and the support are not common in most Mlms. Truly a bunch of people coming together with one common interest. Building our financial futures and insisting we take the family along with us. Nobody is left behind even if they had to pea for the fifth time before we hit the road! hehe

Just my take



Chris Clark Leader - posted 09-21-98 10:00 PM Eastern Time (USA)    


Another great project you have undertaken!

To me the biggest benefit is not only the support that I get, but for the chance to offer support. There is not much in life that feels any better than knowing that you have helped someone and that you have made a difference. This is such as satisfying feeling!

There are many who have found SID and it is their first attempt at MLM. Boy are they lucky! How many of the rest of us have joined something only to have come up short due to having little, or no back up? This is not an option with SID unless you do not make any attempts at getting help. You can ask a question at 2am and get someone to answer you! Unbelievable!!

So, for me, it is the benefit of sharing with my fellow SIDizens. A "Thank You" just does my heart good!

smoker - posted 09-21-98 10:07 PM Eastern Time (USA)    

Kevin it's leadership & friends!


William Lee Horne - posted 09-22-98 02:05 AM Eastern Time (USA)    

Besides and way to earn some money, I have a captive group to tell jokes to!!HA


RustyRose - posted 09-22-98 03:38 AM Eastern Time (USA)    

The Magic of SID! It's the magic, Kevin.
Other companies have good products, good payout plans, hardworking people.

The Magic of SID is the willingness to help each other, whether there you're downline or not.

Originally, it was a concept. Now we do it because we care and like each other.

And that is the Magic!


cashflowinc - posted 09-22-98 02:15 PM Eastern Time (USA)     

Kevin, The biggest benefits are 3 R's:

Relaxation, Rapport, & Relationship with the
wonderful SID Family we have started!

Continuing the Vision of SID!!

Chris Endrizzi

Louis Turnipseed - posted 09-22-98 09:51 PM Eastern Time (USA)  

Kevin, The best thing I like about being a SID member is because a man by the name of Bruce THerrien, who cares enough about other people that he Shared a Vision. Just like lighting a torch and handing the torch to another and that one hand it to another until it reaches around the World. THe Vision of a Dream can not be touched and can never be taken away from those who believe. You must believe in yourself, believe in others, and believe in GOD.


JohnineAnn Barnes - posted 09-22-98 10:13 PM Eastern Time (USA)  

The support of SID family and SID friends;
the care and concern of each and every one;
the camaraderie...I lack words...
I feel like I'm "HOME" while I'm here....

And I love these smileys!


Deb Lane - posted 09-22-98 11:06 PM Eastern Time (USA)    

There are so many benefits to SID....
The feeling of friendship and team spirit... A very strong sense of spirituality exists here, and diversity in that spirituality is respected... Having so many people helping you learn, so you can then teach someone else....I am pretty new at MLM, but have owned my own business with my husband for 5 years and feel very fortunate that SID found us!


Mildred Tan - posted 09-23-98 07:17 AM Eastern Time (USA)    

There are so many benefits that spring to mind that it's hard to single any one out. You see or hear many times words like sharing, caring, supporting, friendship - that it is incredible for an outsider to believe this was founded as a business network first.

In my mind, how is it possible to work alone when you are a member of the SID Family?

So if I had to interpret that question very closely, I would have to say that the BIGGEST BENEFIT for a SID member is: YOU ARE NOT ALONE

And that is precisely what I put in my pointer page: Don't work alone any more. Join the SID Family!

Charles King Leader - posted 09-23-98 08:57 AM Eastern Time  

In my opinion,

It's having the support of sooo many people.
It's knowing that no matter what time of day or night, someone will be there to answer a question.
It's having that open line of communication at all times.
With this type of dedication, we will duplicate our own efforts and pass it on to the new members.
That will only promote growth for SID and a brighter future for ALL SIDizens.
I love SID!

There's no place like HOME. SID is HOME