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Why Many People are now Choosing Network Marketing to Be the Vehicle of their Wealth?

Many people have been raised to believe that the only way they can make a living is by getting a good job working for a major corporation until they retire.

Guess What? The days of working for one company for the rest of your life is gone. People will now have to change jobs/ update their skills 4 or 5 times in their lifetime inorder to compete with the ever changing demands of todayís competitive work environment.

What if I told you there are really 3 ways of earning an income

1) Temporary Income (Shown by the above example)

2) Multiple Income

3) Residual Income

Temporary Income

If you are like most people in this world you are probably earning a temporary income. The money is earned for hours worked at a certain rate per hour. With temporary income if you donít work then you wonít be paid. If something happens to you or your spouse, your family experiences financial hardships.

Multiple Income

This is income earned from your efforts and other peoples efforts working together.

Residual Income

This is income earned over and over again produced by the sale of products to other people. The good thing about residual income is that although you only do the work once to enroll your customers it will continue to produce an income for you year after year.

Network Marketing is the favored way of making an income because it allows you to earn both multiple income and residual income.