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New Era Marketing

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New Era Marketing has formed an alliance with
The MatriCom Group,
and Xanadu International
to bring you this incredible opportunity utilizing powerful communication, training and marketing
tools most companies only dream about!

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New Matrix Community Dynamic

It's simple, yet extremely powerful, and your timing is just right!

Your road to
begins here!

Your road to success begins here!

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before someone
else does!

Downline Clubs Welcomed!
Skilled Leaders Wanted!

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New Era Marketing, through it's total commitment for support excellence, has earned a Corporate Position with The MatriCom Group so your positioning couldn't be better!

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New Era Marketing Cooperative Sponsoring System

We Make Success Happen....Together!

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We're not just another MLM or Networking company.

We help marketers in any program profit in their programs
by offering both free tools and services, as well as some
"pay for" services that will propel you into success!

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Roderick Hale
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