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The 9 Rules to Successful Network Marketing

This free report is brought to you as a public service. It is my mission to help people achieve their goals in life by assisting them with support groups, instruction, and "hands on" mentoring. For a support system that will truly change your life, please click on the banner and see what we are so excited about!

These laws are not theory... they are from personal direct experience.

1.The law of Continuous Action: Continuous action speeds up your progress. It's a force of nature, applied to physics and to this business. Once you have it going, it's easy to keep it going. Without continuous action, it could lead to negativity setting into business. A steady flow of it flushes through the procrastination and discouragement and gets our business moving! "There is only one disease... that's congestion; there is only one cure... that's circulation." The same is true for our businesses. A disease called lethargy and inertia is created when it slows down. The only cure is ACTION! Consistent action leads to momentum! Contacting 3 prospects a day starts momentum. Meeting with them personally helps sustain momentum. Communicating through phone calls each day will advance momentum.

2.The law of NUMBERS: if you want to build bigger and quicker... Increase the number of contacts each month. Make yourself visible... in an effective way. You can't build big if no one knows what you have to offer. You have to run an ad or do direct mail and be highly effective at your advertising to increase numbers. This is a "people" business... helping and supporting them to reach their goals and building win-win relationships. Create an action plan to double or triple your number of contacts through advertising or through direct mail. How can I make myself visible in an effective way?

3.The law of APPRECIATION: attitudes of appreciation and depreciation When in the mindset of appreciation... your life is increasing in value. When in the other... your life is decreasing in value. It's the secret key to accomplishing every goal in life and in business. "The deepest craving in human life... is to be appreciated."

4.The law of CAUSE and EFFECT: for every action, equal and opposite reaction. Figure what works and what doesn't. Keep taking action. Keep applying this law and your chances of success will always increase. Find out what the most successful people are doing and duplicate those highly credible and ethical actions. Apply those tactics, use them, and teach them to your organization. Take lots and lots and lots and lots of action.

5.The DUPLICATION mindset leverages by teaching. When you get an idea that works, duplicate it downline. One great Idea can be multiplied hundreds or even thousands of times in a downline. It's the force of leveraging an idea through duplication.

6.The dynamic law of SERVICE: the most important of all laws! Fill a need for the people in your marketplace. It's easy to forget... a recipe for failure. It costs 6 times more to find new customers than to service your present ones. You must be willing to do whatever it takes!

On a scale of I-10 what is your willingness to help others? If it's low, you need to raise it by becoming more willing. Are you willing to: contact 3 people a day about your product line. spend 1 hr. per day prospecting customers for distributors? Spend more time helping your downline succeed? Be of greater service to your customers?

7.The law of PLANNING and GOAL SETTING: Only 3% of people in network marketing actually spell out on paper clear concrete goals with a plan of action and a date for accomplishing them. What do you want to accomplish and when do you want to accomplish it? Keep the vision of your dream if you want to accomplish it. Review your goals daily. "If you're failing to plan, then you're planning to fail." Single daily action plan... a set of actions taken consistently. (31 day plan) Your goals may change... but then you simply change your plan of action to accomodate those new goals.

8.The law of BELIEF: This is the common denominator behind all great accomplishments. To have extraordinary success... you need to have extraordinary belief!
"Whether you believe you can, or whether you believe you can't, either way... you're right."

9.The law of FOLLOW-UP and FOLLOW-THROUGH: Fortunes are in the follow-through. Endurance and persistence. If you ignore follow through, you won't make it big in network marketing. Create the mentality to endure and learn to persist

These laws are really laws of universal success. Study them carefully, take action, and integrate them into your life and your business.

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