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MLM Just Got Better

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We Are Exploding and You Can Join Us!

Why?  It's only $10!  Welcome to the most exciting, educational, and solid opportunity EVER to be delivered right to your doorstep! We invite you to discover your potential in the lucrative, explosive business of network marketing.

Experience why network marketing has created more millionaires in the last decade than any other industry. Better yet, learn how to become part of that incredible statistic. Allow those who have come before you to show you the surest, most rewarding path to your financial freedom.  Couldn't you make your business or MLM explode if your product only cost $10?  People have a hard time promoting an expensive product now matter how good it is.  No problem!  With the training and tools you receive, you can explode with us in this business and any existing business you have now.


We Are Enrolling  7 out of 10 People We Talk To! 

Why?  It's only $10!  The number one reason new people avoid an MLM is cost!  No time... Don't like the product...  Have to check it out...   I can't sell...  and a host of other reasons for not joining...  these are all excuses.

If the product only cost $10, people wouldn't care about all of these other things, as long as they understood the power of networking.  People can understand, but sometimes it is hard for them to feel like they can risk the money.  But, they will risk the price of a pizza!  Could you get more distributors into your MLM business if your product only cost $10?


We Are Getting New People Into a Profit Fast! 

Why?  It's Only $10!  The number one reason new people are lost to MLM is they don't get into a profit fast.  Also, when products are expensive, they have to be SOLD. This means people have to learn about the products, have to learn presentations, learn how to prospect, how to close, how to fill out orders.  It is no wonder people don't get into a profit.  Network marketing only works if people are able and willing to talk about a product or service to other people.  What is networking?  An example would be you telling someone to try a new restaurant.

The average part time person  won't do it if it takes a lot of work, and costs too much. They won't do it if they are afraid of "selling," and no amount of trying to convince them otherwise will do.  But, if it is simple, requires little training or effort, and the product only costs $10, now the power of network marketing can be realized!  If your product was simple enough to cost only $10, could you get people into a profit fast?  And, has it occurred to you yet, that you can build a substantial business here?  Plus the training and the free tools can help launch other businesses for you as well.


We Are Giving MLMers

the Greatest Compensation Plan Ever Seen!

Everyone claims to have the greatest compensation plan in the world, but 100% of nothing is still nothing!  If you can't attract masses of people and get them into a profit fast before you lose them, then there is no compensation.  So what is the plan worth?  But, when you can attract the masses, and new people get into a profit fast, and $10 can turn into $21,000, that is the greatest compensation plan ever!

And the plan is not complicated.  It is based on a 4x7 forced matrix.  We work with you to find 4 people, online or offline, and work with them to do the same.  Your first 4 people are distributors directly under you, on what is called your 1st level, then each person does the same.  When a person directly under you gets 4 people these are on your 2nd level.  The pattern continues until 7 levels are full.



Later - click on "The Matrix" for a complete explanation


If you find 5, the 5th one is put under someone below you.  This is what "forced" means, and the term "spillover" is used to describe the action.  Your 5th person spills over to someone underneath you.  This helps your business grow faster.  Simply put -$1 is paid to you for every person in your group who subscribes to our product up to $21,844.

A dedicated team effort builds your business.  That's right!  You, the company, the people above, and the people below you are working to fill this matrix.  And it can fill very quickly.


Would this kind of team effort and simple 

compensation plan make you happy?


We Are Giving MLMers the 

Greatest Training Program Ever Seen!

Everyone claims to have the greatest training program around.  First, if there is no one to train - so what?  Other than that, does the president of the company work with distributors personally?  Is the corporate staff totally dedicated to training new distributors so they can be as successful as the MLM Pro?  Do leaders and distributors in MLM companies cross downlines to train people that will never make them a profit?  Do they provide distributors access to 24 hour online training forums staffed by professionals?  Do they make live online training available 4 nights a week?  Is every distributor in the company interested in the success of each new distributor, and will they go out of their way to help?  Does the company establish training policies geared towards making everyone a success?  Do they deliver a training and motivational manual to every distributor's home each and every month?  And do they do all of this for only $10?

We do!

Has it occurred to you that this training might reinforce your current business?  Would you like to have that kind of training available to you and every single person you ever introduced, or will introduce to your business?

Side by side, shoulder to shoulder, we teach you the mechanics of computers, Internet terminology, email and advertising techniques. We teach you how to use all of the tools and marketing secrets the Pros use, to capitalize on the ever expanding Internet marketplace.  And, you can utilize these tools, and this knowledge, to build any number of Internet businesses while enjoying the additional income from us.


We Are Giving You the Greatest 

Residual Income Opportunity 

You Have Ever Seen!

Everyone claims to have a good residual income opportunity.  Residual Income - getting paid every month without having to resell the distributor or the customer.  It is a great concept, but if people won't join, or drop soon after they do, how good is it?

We have mass appeal and people join.  They get into a profit fast and stay with us.  They buy the product month after month generating residual income.  Nearly half of them pay for six months in advance, because it is only $10, the other half have it automatically deducted from their checking account each month.  They do it because it is a simple business, a simple product, and it only costs $10, and they want it every month.  If you were paying attention, we said earlier that $10 can turn into $21,000.  We left out the fact that it can be every month!  $10 can turn into $21,000 every month!  Isn't this the greatest residual income opportunity you have ever seen?  People join, they stay, and they pay, and you can realistically build a business that can pay you as much as $21,000 a month!

Have you ever dreamed about having work for a while, and then just quit and retire from it all, and spend  time with your family and friends, or with your favorite hobbies and past times, without any financial worries?  You are in the right place.  You can work actively with Leap for as long as you like - quit - and your income will continue for as long as you have active subscribers, and you too continue to pay your monthly subsciption for the Leap publication.  This alone should move you to join us.


It won't happen overnight - but it can happen!

For the cost of a pizza - you too, can get into a profit fast!


Amazing isn't it?


The Greatest Marketing Plan 

You Have Ever Seen!

Why?  It's Only $10!   Further, it is simple, easy to learn and blends well with any other job or MLM program.  Every company has a good marketing plan.  But if you can't attract the masses, and get them into a profit fast, so they stay and go on to build a lucrative business - what good is it?  So why is our marketing plan great?  It is great because it is simple and it pays, because we can attract the masses and they make money.  We work offline and online.  We teach you the oldest and the newest methods and techniques, while GIVING you the tools to be successful.  People that have never even turned on a computer before have as much chance at success as the computer guru.  30% of our distributors don't even own a computer, and we are teaching them proven conventional MLM marketing methods, and they are operating successfully.

We are structured in a 4x7 forced matrix system.  Simply put, our MLM partners find 4 people, who find 4 people and so on, to subscribe to our program.  It's that simple!  Good grief!  Can you find 4 people with $10?  Is that tough?  Can you handle it?  You talk to a few people in your community, send a few emails, post a few free classified ads, post an ad in your local grocery store...  first thing you know - 4 people.  Can the people you bring in find 4 people with $10?  Is it tough?  Can they handle it?  Sure they can!  They simply repeat what you did.  That is why it works.  It is only $10, and it is easy to talk about.  How hard can it be?  You - $10 - and 4 people.  And if you want to build faster and bring in more than 4?  They will be "forced"  into your downline underneath your existing people - spillover it is called.  We  provide you all of the training, tools,  and support you need to make this happen.

Fact is - we will teach you how to enroll 40 people in the same time it took you to find 4 in your other programs.  One of the most important aspects of our marketing plan?  We retain new people because it really works!  Novice or professional.  They are into a profit quickly so they stay with us.  Would you like that?  They understand it quickly.  They bring in others quickly.  This is an easily duplicatable system.  No  extensive product knowledge has to be learned... no extensive presentation... people understand easily, and it is only $10 a  month!  New people can sign up their first four people on the first day!  The true power of network marketing - 4, then 16, then 64, 256, 1024... until you and your distributors reach a realistic $21,000 a month potential.  And, you don't have to leave your current job or MLM to do it.

You - $10 - and 4 people.

Can you handle it?


Okay, Okay, Okay you say.  But what is the product?  What is the product?  How many times have you asked that while you were reading this?   We are going to tell you that, but first - do you understand that as long as it is acceptable, it will fly because it is only $10?  It is the money!  Sure, it is the  company too, combined with the unparalleled training, the tools, and your willingness.  But it all ties together around a low cost, simple opportunity!  This opportunity is what it is because it only costs $10!


On the other hand we are proud to have... 

One of the Greatest Products MLMers Have Ever Seen!

There are a multitude of good MLM products out there distributed by over 5,000,000 marketers in the United States alone!  So we only say "one" of the greatest products.  Oddly enough, any reputable MLM product would enjoy marketing success if it only cost $10.

Our product is the Ultimate Product for MLM.  It is a magazine publication dedicated to MLM marketers, published by Life, Education, and Prosperity, Inc., with home offices in Smyrna, Georgia.  It's that simple - period.  It is mailed via the post office to people's homes.  Written by professionals, it is in magazine format, glossy and in color, and everyone is happy with it.  MLMers love it as a vehicle and the basis for their business opportunity, because they don't have to convince anyone how good it is.  It won't break, spoil or hurt anyone, and there is no competition.  Sure, there are MLM mags out there and they are slightly less expensive; however, they don't provide precise training on a broad range of topics,  they don't give you 1000's of dollars worth of free tools, they don't send you a paycheck, nor do they pay out 70% of every sale to your organization!

Our publication is well liked, because it is not only filled with valuable information, it is a dynamic training tool sent to your distributor's homes every month.
  YOU CANNOT BUY OR PROVIDE the education this product provides at a price of $10, unless you are a Leap subscriber.  Because of the education, even the novice can now be successful in the explosive MLM and Internet Marketing Industry.  All of the "secrets" to successful Internet marketing, the education, the tools, and the income potential of $21,000 a month - $10.

Do you see now why the system is so simple... why people join... why people get into a profit fast and why they stay?  Do you see now why such huge and long lasting residual incomes can be created?  Do you see now why this entire program can be a plus to what you are already doing?  A self training product.  The product itself is a training tool, and people buy it month after month.  You can become an expert in conventional MLM, or the Internet marketing Industry, and create the financial freedom you have been dreaming about.

Simple.  You - $10 - and 4 people.  The product trains you, we train you, the forum trains you, and not just you, but your distributors too.  See why MLM companies are running this through their organization?  It will promote your organizational growth and income,  and give you an additional income stream of up to $21,000 a month!   If you think MLM is good, it must be starting to sink in by now that a $10 a month MLM, with a simple no nonsense product, that trains people how to make money - is dynamite!

$21,000 business opportunity for the price of a pizza! 

Marketing secrets and tools! 

A product that trains you and yours! 

Dreams can turn into reality! 

All you have to do is get involved!

Shouldn't you get started right away?

Do you understand...

...the benefits that a low cost, mass appeal MLM can bring?

...that you don't have to complain about living paycheck to paycheck because you have the opportunity waiting to get the financial freedom that you deserve?

...that you can add Leap to your MLM portfolio and it will help you build any other MLM program?

...that it is possible to build a new downline from 0-1000 in 90 days because this simple $10 a month MLM really works?

...that it works because it is only $10 a month?

...that you don't have to lose people who aren't making money in your current program, and that you could save them by letting them see this one?

...the advantages of this $10 a month MLM, or the value of all of the supplemental training it could provide you and your downline?

...what you can do for yourself, your family, and others, with this opportunity, and that you can lead the way?

...that MLM is a good thing, and a cost of only $10 makes it perfect?

...the value of 24 hour a day online training, or the value of having  professionals who are waiting to help for only $10 a month?

Sometimes people just won't jump at the chance to join a $10 a month MLM that offers an additional income stream of $21,000 a month!


Please Understand...

...that we are an MLM training company.  We will get you and your people into a profit very soon because we know what we are doing.

...that with a great company, a great product, and you - it works because it is only $10 a month!

...that it is a lot more fun for you and your people to make money than to not.

...that if you are new to MLM, it is easier to build a $10 a month program than a more expensive one.

...that the training you receive will help you build the more expensive one also.

...that if you are an MLM Pro - a $10 a month MLM could be a bonanza for you and your organization.

...that you can stay with your current business, maybe even recruit your MLM company into this simple $10 a month program, like others are doing.

...that we are not playing games here, and if we can't back this up - we know you won't stick around.

Please understand that you can contact me immediately for further details on how to get started, because no other program offers you so much for so little!  You can earn while you learn to master the internet, then teach others to do the same!



So, are you up to creating an additional income stream of up to $21,000 a month?  More importantly, get the latest MLM training delivered to your home in our 16 page MLM marketing magazine - LEAP.  This NO FAIL program also includes the following features: 

  • MLM Training Magazine delivered monthly to your home
  • 24 hour MLM online training forum
  • Optional LIVE MLM training online 4 nights a week
  • Promotional Website for Leap, with links to your other opportunities
  • ISP Distributorship
  • Your own Classified Ad Site
  • Your own FFA Site
  • Lead generation
  • Monthly site submission to 1000's of engines and links
  • Forced Matrix Spillover
  • Member Access to 1000's of Advertising links
  • Your Own Online Shopping Mall
  • Monthly Residual Income Potential of over $21,000 a month
  • ALL OF THIS AND MORE... For Only $10
  • ALL OF THIS AND MORE... For Only $10
  • ALL OF THIS AND MORE... For Only $10

We  would send you to the website right now to sign up, but there is plenty of time for that.  Besides, we can't control random sign ups.  This is a forced matrix and if you sign up randomly at the website, you would be placed into the next available position in my matrix.  That may not be best for you.   Our leaders have positions available that I may put you in to start you out at a greater advantage.  Most distributors and companies would be jumping at the chance to sign you up right now.  We don't work that way.   Everybody makes promises.  Y0U need to know whether or not they will deliver on those promises.  So, we will make you this offer.  Would you like to start out with distributors already under you, and enough training to hit the ground running before you actually join?  Would that kind of a head start be worth the $5 sign up fee and $10.  We guarantee you the training alone will be worth it.  After that, you can decide on a month to month basis, whether or not this is the business venture and promotional center you have been looking for.  What insurance do you have?   Simple - if we start based on just a commitment to each other, and if we don't deliver - save your money and don't join.

Based on just your commitment, we will begin to work with you.  

Based on just your commitment, we will enhance any business you now have with free promotional tools.

Based on just your commitment... 

We will enter you in our Fast Start Program for FREE

You can join when you have your first subscriber!

We will help you enroll subscribers


we will give you a basic tool kit

that includes:

 Free hosting and web space for you own personal site

Your own Free Classifieds site, with training on how to use it

Your own Free For All Links Page with training on how to use it

A List of 500 free classified ad sites that you can run ads on

Unlimited number of free autoresponders

Immediate free access to our Members Online Training Forum

Free training to get you started

A total commitment to support


Once you have joined, even if for only 1 month, we will give you a self replicating promotional web site, the Unlock Codes for our entire Marketing System, more Free tools, and support you on your efforts to build a $21,000 a month business.  As an added bonus we will blast your site for FREE to over 2000 engines and Links, and send you our offline marketing kit in the mail.

Get a 


Classified Ad Site 

and we will teach how you can use it to attract 1000's of potential distributors and customers


 Site Promotion 

We will advertise your site to 1000's  of Engines and Links!  This is worth more than the price for admission all by itself!

 Get Our 


FFA Pages 

Free For All Links 

and we will teach you how to use them to attract 1000's of potential distributors and customers





4 X 7 Forced Matrix 


Reserve Your Position!



Generated Every Month! 

We will teach you how to contact these opportunity seekers and offer them this incredible business opportunity!



Bigger Checks!  Fantastic Incentive programs that reward you with cash and vacations!

Home Delivered Training 

Packed with Info Every Month!

 24 Hour Online 





You Are Never Alone!



You Can Retire On It! 

Work only as long as you want, then retire from Leap and still get paid!



Web Site 

Just Like This! 

And we will teach you how to get 1000's of people to visit your site!


Auto Responders 


We will teach you how to automate your workload!



Email Lists 

More Promotion! 

And We will teach you how to advertise by email to 1000's of opportunity seekers on these lists, with the click of a button!



Mail Lists 

Even More Promotion! 

We will show you how!


Online Mall 

It is estimated that by the year 2001, there will be 500,000,000 people on the Internet.  Would you like to have them shop at your mall?

Live Online 



4 Nites a Week 

Anyone can learn, and it is included in the $10 a month!

Total Upline 


Learn, Teach, and Prosper! 

Your Upline is all of the people above you, starting with your sponsor, who are willing to help you succeed!






Leap Distributor




Roderick Hale 


ID# 3588


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Monthly potential and 

all of the training you will ever need! 

And it's only 



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