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"Sharing a vision, and determined to share that vision with all who wish to be a part of it. Dedicated to promote and enhance the concept behind SID, and will do whatever it takes to ensure that people from around the world will no longer be taken in by false promises of security." - BET

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SID Network - Phase Two in progress!

Please Note: If you decide to join us, sign up with the SID Network first, then wait for further instructions on what to do next. This is important to the growth and stability of the concept.

Join SID and recieve support from the Leaders and SIDizens from around the world!

Email: Roderick Hale

A new era in Network Marketing has dawned as SID joined two programs, plus a bonus program (SEE BELOW), and thus sending its members on the first step to financial freedom.
We will be assisting thousands of people world wide gain financial independence.
Discover an opportunity that is rocking the industry!

Let us take you back a few months when a man named
Bruce Therrien (AKA: SID)
decided to go against the popular thinking in society of what can I get for myself, and putting it on what can I do to help others. How does that saying go, help enough people to become successful and success will knock at your door!
Bruce is also IMA worldwide Ambassador to the home-based english speaking internet entrepreneurs. He appears on the video clips that are being distributed world wide by the IMA, the International Marketing Association. This relationship with the IMA and Intergov will only enhance the concept and allow us to share the vision on a global scale.

Well that's what is happening. While only expecting to get a few hundred to work together as a team, SID has exploded into over 6,000 members in four months and growing at the rate of 100 new members per day! Why? Because people are tired of jumping from one opportunity to another just to find themselves alone, no support and no money. This fits 95% of the good people trying to change their lives and find some kind of financial security for themself and their family.

Bruce found out there are thousands of people that are tired of going it alone and tired of dead end streets. You may want to ask yourself these questions. Do I want to become financially secure? Do I see where this is going to happen in the near future? Do I like being left all by myself in this internet madness? Or does having the support of thousands of members and Leaders from around the world at your door step, working with you to become successful sound better?

Of course it does. You have just been introduced to SID! This is the Vision of our Founder!

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More ways to make money than any other opportunity on the Internet!

Marketers Dream System
A SID Network Exclusive!

We give you The Tools you need to succeed in MLM, all while making a residual income!

Triple your income potential by joining IMA in conjunction with the other 3 programs. If you decide to join, please use the following sponsor ID number when filling out the enrollment form:

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International Marketing Association

The I.M.A. teaches you how to free yourself by helping and working one with one another in a very simple way and in doing so, helping the numerous causes needing additional funding to attain their own goals, all over the world, in sports, arts, humanities... Our system is based on team efforts and work. Click the logo!

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