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This is a global organization and is open to all people of the world! People helping each other to finally make money on the Internet!

The Complete Marketing System!

We have formed a dedicated group of individuals with a burning desire to achieve financial independence through Network Marketing. We have joined three Global Network Marketing programs of which our web-hosting opportunity, where you can get your own domain that is packed full of extra's, is our hottest product! Look no further, as E-Commerce Mart will be your total marketing solution for doing business on the Internet! You do not have to become a reseller to benefit from our services. Our products are a must for anyone who either has, or is looking for, a way to make money on the Web!

Once you have decided on a product and or service you will need two things before you go any further. First... You need to have a web site... your store front on the Internet. Second.... you will need to rent space on a web host to put your web site. (Think of this as renting a small piece of land in your down town retail business area and building a store. The good thing is this will be 1000 times less expensive and your potential customers flow will be 1000 greater!) By joining you automatically take care of both steps one and two. If you don't have a product or service the Complete Marketing System will be your product and we will set you up with your own web site. If you do have a product and or service, you can add The Complete Marketing System to your list! Also by joining you automatically have 300 megs of space on the BEST-HOST.COM server. They have the power of Becanada technology behind them and offer unique services that can't be found anywhere else for the price.

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic is the key to a profitable business on the Net. You can have the best product or service available and if you can't get people to visit your site you won't make a dime. The submission software and other tools mentioned below will help you get the word out to hundreds of thousands of potential customers, and if they are ready to buy what you are selling right now you'll get them to your site. But what if you were giving everyone that visited your site a chance to win a prize. Cash, Computers and more! Do you think this would bring more traffic to your site? Now what if you did not have to pay for this prize out of your own pocket! And just one more little thing, what if I told you that 1000+ other members would help advertise your product and or service for you! Do you think you could make money from this traffic builder?

This part of the Complete Marketing System provides the most automated and sophisticated advertising submission software on the Net! The software is all web based (No downloading necessary) and is available for you to use 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The software is continuously being upgraded and new programs added all the time. This is a must if you are serious about doing business on the Net today.

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