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Sponsors Name: RODERICK HALE Sponsors ID: 3588

Great to have you interested!!

Here's the program in a nutshell.

The program is pretty interesting, and very easy. What makes it work is
the marketing plan, the LOW monthly commitment, and the product.
Here's the basics. (I know. You want names, product info, fax on
demand number, my 800 number, etc.)

First of all, this program is so easy, that isn't necessary to get it off
the ground. (If you knew how many I got interested, and sponsored
with only a 3 paragraph letter, you'd flip!)

Secondly, that stuff's all available. You & I will undoubtedly use them when
we're ready to expand our downlines. You can check them out before
jumping in, too. No problem there. I'm just looking for a commitment now.
More about that later. Here's the biz!

A professionally written and edited newsletter. Yep, that's it. But it's not
some computer printed, or emailed piece of low class literature. No, sir.
It's a "type set," professionally printed & edited, 10 to 12 page, 2 color,
8 1/2" by 11" informative piece of art! It actually has value! Go figure!

It has articles covering a variety of subjects from tax tips to recipe of the
month, to motivation, to child care, to MLM advertising and development
tips, to health care, etc. It's really an outstanding newsletter.
(Store bookshelf quality!) The price: $10 a month subscription.
It's snail mailed to you each month.

How's this. 4X7 TRUE forced matrix. $1 for each subscriber in your
entire downline, thru 7 levels. That's it. It couldn't be more simple.
Programs with depth bonuses are not designed to work for the distributor.
The bonuses are created to give the few big guys at the top a legal way to
skim the profits off the top. Nobody else is going to see that money.

Nobody else is going to get that big. Far before the average distributor
really gets going, the big guys pull out and start something else.
They usually do this as soon as the money starts to slow down a little.
BOOM! They're outta here! The company would go bankrupt if they
had to pay these bonuses out to others. Our program is designed strictly
for the subscriber.

The experts that developed this plan know that for a subscriber to really
make it, it's going to take time, And if the subscriber is going to keep
going, the company must keep going. Problem is that so many "pie in the sky"
programs entice people by getting them to look at the big money that's really
only going to the players. Let me ask you an honest question:

Will an extra $1000 or $2000 a month change your life style? You know it will.
Let's get realistic. Let's set a goal of $1000 a month income first.
Then we'll target $2000. OK? As we work together, learning and refining
our methods, and continuing to develop our group, our income can easily grow
to $5000 a month. That's not rich, believe me. But you know what? I like it a
whole bunch more than when I was making $640 a week! Let's move on.

Are there tough qualifiers? You decide. You start qualified for up to your 5th level.
For level 5 you need only 3 personally sponsored in your whole group!
For level 6 you need only 6 personals, and for level 7 you need only 12.
That's 12 out of about 22,000. I think we'll all do that our first try out!

Pay out:
1ST of every month, based on previous month volume.

$5 to sign up (one time registration fee covers entering you into the computer
and your start up information kit) plus $10 for your first month subscription.
When your commissions are high enough, they'll subtract it from your monthly
commission check.
(You can pre-pay, or use fax-check, or auto-deduct checking if you like, too.)

Well, you CAN make a lot of money if you work for it. You CAN'T make a
dime unless you go for it. Seriously, they have some very basic rules that cover
things like SPAM, bulk email, company name or product abuse, etc.
No tricks, no gimmicks, no glitz, no glory.

(As in "Hey, I'm totally cool because I market a newsletter for a living!")
But how's this? "I manage a successful MLM downline marketing a professional,
informative newsletter, and currently earn about $22,000 A MONTH!"
I guess when we get to that point, there WILL be a little glory in it. What do you think?

That's it:
We'll work together to make it work for you. I'm even developing a joint
venture ad campaign. We'll get several to join in, (some from your down line, ideally)
and then we'll share in the recruits brought in from the ads. This way it costs everyone
a small amount (only if they want to, of course). I'm talking about $5 or $10 here
and there, every so often, not $25, $50 or $100.

The ads are to get recruits, not make the one running the ad campaign money
from his downline! Also, many don't feel comfortable talking (email talk) to potential
subscribers or distributors. With a joint venture ad program, we'll split up the work
of dealing with people among those who want to do it. Watch the magic here.

You, and say all 4 from your front line, and each of your downline decides to JV an ad.
Let's say you're 3 levels deep. To make it easy, say that we all purchase an equal
share of an ad. Also, for example, let's say we pick up enough new subscribers from
an ad to give everyone in the JV 1 new recruit. (If there are not enough for all in the JV,
we plug in the new subscribers from the bottom, up. This way, even if you didn't get
a personal out of it, YOUR GROUP still gets bigger!)

OK, first you'd get your 1. Then each of your front row get their 1.
(So far, you picked up 5 new recruits!) Now you have 1 for each of your 2nd & 3rd
level subscribers. That's 80 more recruits! In this example, you actually paid for a share,
or 1 new recruit, but picked up 85! Naturally you're going to want to put your 1 under
the lowest in your group in the JV. So you put them on your 4th level.

That way a subscriber on level 3 picks up a freebie from you.
They're pumped (they got 2 for 1)! Plus you let the ones on level 2 and 1 know you
put YOURS in their group! They're pumped. Everyone gets more than their share.
And you grew by 85 new subscribers! Think they'll do it again next time we run a JV ad?
You betcha! More ads, more money!
I'll work with you whenever you're ready.

The 21st is the end of a qualifying month. If I still have any prime open spots
after the company spider plugs in the newest company generated subscribers
(from their ads, between 150 to 200 a month), I'll discuss possibly plugging
you into one of those positions. Why are there any open positions?

Well, people die! People get sick! People get stupid! People's situations change.
They have family problems. They find out there's no such thing as a free lunch.
(What? I have to WORK to make money!) You name it. It happens in life.

OK. Worst case scenario: You get in with NO ONE on your front line.
You start working with us, and within a reasonable amount of time your
front line is full. IN TIME . . . you continue to build, learn & grow.
When your 6th level nears completion, you're earning about $5000 a month.

It takes you nearly forever to get your 7th level full. However, now
you're earning in excess of $20,000 a month! So, is that really such a
bad scenario? Not at all. Let me ask you one question.
If it took you 5 years to fill your 7th level, wouldn't it be worth it?

Of course it would. Know what. In 5 years you're going to be 5 years
older than you are right now anyway. You might as well be 5 years
older & rich, than 5 years older and still broke! Makes sense, doesn't it.

So . . . here's the next step.

To some, the best position would seem to be a position with 2, 3 or
more active subscribers already in place. If you've had a lot of trouble
getting people to subscribe to your programs in the past, this is understandable.

To others more experienced with forced matrices, you probably would rather
be up one position higher, starting with zero, than one level lower with a few.
That's because the wider your base, the less often you'd add someone to
the bottom. Be certain that you'll be placed in the best position possible.

Before you complete the following instructions, you can go to the
company website and browse around a bit.

Visit the site at
While you're there, Bookmark the home page, and read the company policies.
Also, go to the "Apply on line" form and read it completely. Remember, the
opportunity itself is outstanding, or I wouldn't have inquired about it in the first place.

I was looking for just the right program. Keep in mind, over and above the quality
of the program, we're working as a team, and in a highly unusual situation, timing wise.
Be sure and read the LEAP Policies on the policy page on the website, as well as
the complete application.

OK, now we know the guidelines. It's time to fill out the application on the website.
Fill out everything:
Sponsors Name:
Sponsors Code:
(If you're bringing in additional people personally, they put your name and code
in as the sponsor on THEIR form, AFTER you have completed your application.

 To assist me with my recordkeeping, please fill out the information
below, confirming that you have signed up.

Your ID:
Sponsor ID Code:
Sponsor Name:


If you prefer to mail your check make it out to:
"Life Education And Prosperity, Inc"

Mail it to:
LEAP, Inc.
P. O. Box 7277
Atlanta GA 30357-0277

Be sure to put your sponsor's code number (3588) on the check.

That's all there is to it. To recap: Go to the site. Read the company policies.
Read and complete the online application. Bookmark the page.

Because of the situation, it will probably be several days before your
check is cashed. If you think there could be a problem with your check,
go to the nearest convenience or drug store, post office, or bank and get
a money order. Mail it to LEAP ASAP. DO NOT MAKE ANY

Send this to anyone that's joining with you. Put YOUR email address
so you will have an account of who you have signed up.
Send them to the LEAP website to sign up.


1). You can email


2). Please make this your absolute
primary priority so we can GET MOVING! Once I've received your
confirmation, I will send you instructions and letters to get started
building your own matrix!  

I hope you're as excited as I am! I can't wait to get this show on the road!

Your friend,
Roderick Hale

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