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Function Task Responsible Person Due Date Completion date
Amusements of Amer Billboard and Sign delivery Chair 5/1 4/27
  Contracts for 01 chair    
  ride list chair 5/15 4/27
50/50 ticket rolls Tim Durkin 6/1 4/26
Accounting Finalize Quickbooks Joe P., Harry W.  and chair 6/1  
Advanced Rides fix posters chair 4/26 4/26
Bar and Grill nothing Doug, Larry, Eileen, Bill    
Barn Crew order beer and soda Barn Crew 6/1  
Candy containers for candy Alison Riley 6/12 4/27
Car raffle nothing Susan Spadaforo    
CCD Service project form chair 5/15  
Construction Order tents chair 4/26 4/25
  order seaboxes Conda    
  order supply trailers chair 5/15  
  finalize carnival layout chair and const crew 6/1  
Electrical contact Jim Mcarty chair 6/1  
  carnival lighting chair and electrical 6/1  
First Aid nothing Mary Naumann    
Food Tent contact Merion chair 5/1  
       Roast Pork/Beef      
  Tent Cleanup chair 5/15  
Funnel Cake contact Penn Dutch chair 4/28  
  Sheet metal for booth Rob Haines 5/15  
Games computer program John Welsh 6/1  
  corral layout games 5/15  
  new games games 5/15  
  records chair and games 5/15  
  position of games chair and games 6/1  
Kiddie carnival nothing Janet Ridgeway    
Legal contracts for outside vendors chair 5/1 4/26
      Lollipops     4/26
      Shish Kabob     4/26
      ATM     4/26
      AoA     through 2000
      St Fair     4/9
Panzarotti sheet metal chair 5/15  
Pepsi nothing Dave Mullin    
Plumbing nothing Tim Wood    
Pizza booth layout Jim Cacese and chair 6/1  
Publicity Courier chair 5/1 4/25
  Trend chair 5/1 cancelled
  BCT chair 5/1  
  Newsweekly chair 5/1  
  Billboards chair 5/1  
     Eller   5/15 5/1 delivered
     Bayards   5/15  
  Chazz chair 5/1 4/26 working off web site
  Church Bulletin Tad 5/1  
  Distribute signs Tad and chair 5/23  
  TV tad 5/1  
  radio Tad 5/1  
Rides nothing John Rooney    
Sanitation contract with Wick/cullen chair 5/15  
Security radios chair 6/1  
  tee shirts chair 5/1 4/26
  schedule John Geary 6/1  
Signs and Sponsors letterhead chair 4/23 4/28
  freebees chair 4/23  
  Tee shirt sponsors chair 4/23 still open
SOFC nothing      
Spin Art supplies Alan Bacho 6/1  
Super 50/50 mailing chair 4/23 4/24
  Millennium raffle plan chair and Robin Colgan 5/1  
Supplies assemble supply list chair 5/1  
  Place initial order chair 5/15  
Theme coordinator Palm trees marie gallagher 6/1  
  Carnival lighting marie and electric 6/1  
  steel drum chair 5/1 4/28
  contest chair 6/1  
Waffles and ice cream nothing John Sanky    

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