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Accounting Procedures

The key to understanding the layout as I have structured it is as follows:

1. We keep no inventory. We live "hand to mouth".

2. Our Customers/jobs are all cash paying (no credit). They are represented by the days of the week. I put an "a" in front of Monday because QB will automatically alphabetize your Customers.

3. The carnival attractions are represented by "Class". These are subdivisions or departments of the carnival operation.

4. Everything we want to "charge" off to a particular Attraction must have a Class and a Customer to properly allocate. We have the option of creating general charges (like Security, gifts etc) that are not allocated. The infamous unallocated expense category. We also have the option to receive non-Customer/Class related income such as profit on t-shirt advertisment etc. We'll leave this to Joe and Harry to figure out.

5. Charges are applied in one of two ways. If it's a tracked inventory item (example: ice) we can specify this on the billing under Items. If it's a general item (example: insurance) we can use Expenses. We can get as details or general as we want. For example instead of listing the entire Heims bill we might break out the Food Tent portion call it Groceries and apply it as an un-itemized expense.

7.) Cash receipts are entered by customer, class, and income account. Income accounts help us separate Food, Games, Rides etc. This is just an option.

6. Recap Initial setup :

Customers (ie Days of week)

Vendors (ie Mom's Pizza)

Classes (ie Pizza Booth)

Items (ie pizza pies)

Expense/Income Accounts (ie Cost of Goods : Food / ie Sales: Food)

7. I know this all looks confusing but with this stuff done up front. Almost all of Carnival can be "entered" with two basic forms.

A "cash sales" form is used to enter an entire nights activity in about 15 min. This info is taken from "net col" of the "cash inventory" spreadsheet currently used by

Accounting. This sheet must be expanded to include everything sold on site during carnival including Car raffle/ super 50/50 etc. Pre-carnival items such as

Advanced Rides or Millenium Raffle can be entered on the day we settle (ie cWednesday for advanced rides) or any other day. These items do not have to appear

on the cash inventory spreadsheet.

A "bill" form is used to enter expenses by Customer (day) by vendor, by attraction. This data is supplied from four sources. Supplies, Bar&Grill, Games,


Supplies: tracks all inventory movement from the main supply trailers.

Bar&Grill: tracks all food and beverage from their operation

Games: tracks prizes for all games

Accounting: tracks all other expenses not categorized above

Each group except Accounting is required to maintain some sort of inventory recording mechanism that can be turned in each night.

Accounting is required to maintain the cash inventory sheet (as they have in the past)