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Welcome to my Heaven!!!

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"I am not a human being having a spirited experience, but a spirited-being having a human experience." - DLight


"Shine a light of love that all can feel, to energize those who are sad, and to help people be the best they can be" - DSpirit

Welcome to my world. This is my first attempt of a homepage so bare with me. I promise it will get better as I go along,

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm 39 years of age. Newly married with three children plus two. Here are The Kids!. Nicole, but called Nikki! is 21, She is in her 3nd year of college (I'm not really sure now about what year of college *giggles* for she keeps taking time off). She has recently got engaged and is to married in a year or so. Talk about feeling old. Hmmm wasn't it yesterday that she was just born. Justin 18, he's my girlcrazy guy (this still hasn't changed *giggles*,,,*S* and sports lover. You name it he loves it... Collecting the cards and all. Easy gift buying,,,*S*,, go with the Giants..... and Ashlea 15, she has gotten over Hanson,,(phew thank God *S*) She is very busy in school - 10th grade. She is very big into drama and I must admit she is very good. She will be my *STAR*. Gee I really need to get some updated pics on my page. This will be done soon for now we own a scanner and this can be done. *S*

My passion is for Music, well mostly singing. I love to Karaoke. As they have been known to call me the Karaoke Queen. My Situation doesn't allow me to go out much any more but do go when the jobs allow. I love the 70's and early 80's music. Pretty good with the love songs trivia...It's a really fun time,,*S*

ICETE, My Bestest Bud!,, for the short time that I have known you, you have become so dear to me. I can't begin to thank you for all your love and support. It has meant so much to me. I've never had a friend care so much in such a short time and do for me what you have done. Thru my tears and happiness you have always been there. I know a treasure when I see it and you my friend are a treasure. I thank the Lord everyday for you my friend. *BIG HUGS*

LongHairedCountryBoy CB! -... what can I say,,, you have helped my in soooo many ways,,,my pics,, my music, my tears. You will always be CB to me. I honestly feel that CB is gone from my life, but well I know that you are a friend and always will be. I know that friends sometimes move on but always remain in your heart, thats where you will be, in my heart. I wish you all the luck in the world CB.

ICE you are MY bestest bud. There thru thick and thin. I love you always,, *hugs*

Gentle & Me!

Can you feel it?


Reach Out.....

Tell someone U Love them, anyone

Hug someone you Love

The Spirit of Friendship can never be lost

and you say what does it cost?

the answer my friend is free!

As long as you let your true feelings BE!!

~Fairy CrAzYbOy

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