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Updated 1/2/11

I'm sorry, I have no birds for sale right now. Unfortunately, my poultry hobby had to be curtailed due to personal changes which were unavoidable. However, please feel free to contact me with any poultry questions you may have. I will leave my shipping information listed below in case you have any questions regarding the shipping of poultry.

There is still one horse-related item left for sale and the info on that is included further below.

Sable, Brown-red Ameraucana bantam rooster Tiki, Splash Silkie roo Blue, Blue Silkie cockerel

---------------------- SHIPPING INFORMATION ----------------------

Birds will be shipped in waxed, cardboard boxes, which are approved for this purpose. The buyer will be responsible for shipping/box fees, along with the price of the bird(s).

Payment is accepted in money order only.

Please include your name, shipping address, and phone number with your order.

Your order will be shipped out the first Mon or Tues after payment is received, and will be sent by Express Service through the U.S. Post Office. This is to ensure arrival prior to the weekend. Shipments will be to the 48 contiguous states.

Please Note: All orders are shipped weather permitting. This means all shipping is postponed during hot, humid summer conditions and during freezing weather in winter. Airlines will also place restrictions on shipping live animals during such times. Once temperatures reach 75F, I cannot ship. Shipping will resume when temperatures decline in the fall. We often experience rather cold winters here in PA and I will postpone shipping when temps drop below 40F. Temperatures at the order's destination must also fall within these parameters. Please keep this in mind when placing your orders.


A beautiful saddle, comes complete, including a girth. It is hornless, dark brown, and has an 18" seat (equivalent to a 16" seat Western). It is for general purpose riding, is deep-seated, and weighs about 25lbs. It's a very comfy saddle, a trail-rider's dream, with reinforced medium tree. It has never been used, except to size it on a horse. It would be great for all types of riding. Total cost, with shipping, would be $265.00.

Willing to ship. Must sell due to divorce.

The saddle was sold. Thanks for looking.

Jessica Sanders
Bangor, PA


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