date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000
from: (Kristen)

I read through that anti site. Then I read through your site. I still have to say that I do not like Angelfire at all. I have had four pages on Angelfire. Three were deleted. Why? Who knows. They all complied with the rules. They were all fan/pro sites for a TV show, a book series, and a band. So it's not like I had porno or "So-and-so SUCKS!" all over my site. Whoosh. There goes eight months worth of hard work and creativity -- all down the drain. Whenever I tried to email Angelfire about it, I got a form reply back, saying to email about my problem to some other address. So I did that. Problem was, that email address didn't exist. Go figure. I hate the banners/pop-ups/whatever. I can deal with one on the main page, but a thousand on EACH AND EVERY PAGE?! I heard Angelfire was losing tons of business, got really poor because of it, and that's why they were forced to put a plethora of annoying stuff all over -- stuff that just lost them even more business. I don't know of any free homepage thingie that doesn't have banners/pop-ups, but as far as I know, Angelfire has beyond the most. I have seen SO many hate/racist/porno sites on Angelfire. I have attempted to report them over and over. After a year and a half of trying to get some "Boy Bands Must DIE" hate page off the net, it still exists. I gave up long ago on trying to get Angelfire to shut down a site called "God Loves Whites: Blacks Serve Satan". So -- they shut down my perfectly nice sites, but they don't shut those down? No matter what you say, I'm always gonna think Angelfire sucks. They don't care about their customers. It's obvious. Good luck trying to get through to any live, breathing Angelfire associate.

date: Thu, 11 May 2000
from: Mitchell Egger this site has NO Ads, a great server and no limitations (except on MP3s)

date: Tue, 2 May 2000
from: (faiza)

       .------..                            _------__--___.__.
     /            \_                       /            `  `    \
   /                \                     |.                     \
  /                   \                   \                       |
 /    .--._    .---.   |                   \                      |
 |  /      -__-     \   |                    ~-/--`-`-`-\         |
 | |                |   |                     |          \        |
 ||                  ||                     |            |       |
  ||     ,_   _.      ||                     |            |       |
  ||      e   e      ||  Hey Beavis,         |   _--    |       |
   ||     _  |_      ||   pull my finger!     _| =-.    |.-.    |
  @|     (o\_/o)     |@   Heh,Heh!!!          o|/o/       _.   |
    |     _____     |                        /  ~          \ |
     \ ( /uuuuu\ ) /             No way!    (/___@)  ___~    |
      \  `====='  /              *** wipe!!    |_===~~~.`    |
       \  -___-  /                         _______.--~     |
        |       |                           \________       |
        /-_____-\       .  ____                      \      |
      /           \     \\/////                    __/-___-- -_
    /               \    \   /                    /            __\
   /__|  AC / DC  |__\   / /                      -| Metallica|| |
   | ||           |\ \  / /                       ||          || |
   | ||           | \ \/ /                        ||          || |

i had to edit the expression on butthead's hand...

date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000
From: (Rev. Fr. Stephen Ohm)

You make some errors on your "Facts" page. The first deals with your idea of censorship. Censorship is wrongfully controlling another's expression so as to prevent the public from being exposed to undesirable ideas. Angelfire's regulation of content constitutes censorship because it is arbitrary and designed to prevent expression. Some other free services do the same. Most, however, only control the content of their sites to insure that they are not liable for any potentially illegal or pruient material. Second is your claim that it is illegal to have racist material on the internet. It is perfectly legal. As a civil libertarian, I know this well. There is no binding law anywhere that makes the expression of racist views illegal, no matter how offensive. The exception (which applies to all free speech) is speech meant to incite violence, or "fighting words," e.g., "Lets kill all the niggers." (forgive my language) Child pornography is not specifically banned from the internet, but its existence anywhere is prohibited by law already. I do not like Angelfire and will never use their services again. They deleted many pages from my site, including several that referred to Hell in a religious context and one that examined Biblical references to sexuality. They refused to let me use images of County Seals for my links to local Clerks of Courts. They used complaints from people who opposed my religious and political views to justify their control over my site. Please realize that Angelfire is more concerned with its image than with providing quality services. If you value having access to diverse ideas on the internet, you must recognize that such a heavyhanded practice of censorship is dangerous and wrong. ~Rev. Father Stephen Ohm

Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000
From: (Marie Burgoyne)

I think u r fab!

date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000

Take a look at
Lots of good, some bad, very different concept

Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000
From: (CaptionFreak)

I consider Angelfire the home for Teenie Boppers who use HTML incorrectly and have crappy images or Broken images of Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, ect... From what I've seen so far, this is the best someone has done on an Angelfire site. It actually makes sense! And someone with an Angelfire account actually knows how to make a decent webpage! This is an improvement over ALL the Angelfire pages I've seen.

Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000

On Geocities, the URL no longer has to be some amazingly long combination of numbers and neighborhoods/avenues. To access someone's webpage it is simply a matter of typing That's all!

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