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so as not to offend the creator, John Strauch

it is said that there are no cgi scripts. ------ or rather, Angelfire doesn't provide cgi scripts, or let you upload scripts, but that doesn't mean you can't use them. I have mail-to forms on my pages courtesy of free cgi providers.

there are disk crashes. ------ Notice this is plural. There only one disk crash. No one is perfect, and all homepage servers say that they aren't liable for disk crashes and loss of pages.

the additional 300k is still not enough space.. ------ Big deal. There are plenty of ways to get more web space. Put your angelfire page to good use, and then ask for more space. I did, and i was granted 2mb of disk space. Angelfire also replied to my letter within approx. 5 work days. Thats pretty prompt.

there is no listing of homepages. ------ Actually, there is. Now thatAngelfire has had their merger with WhoWhere?, they have a quite large directory. See the Directory. Before this, though, there was "The Angelfire Directory". A downside to this directory is that you have to submit your own page, and it is a tedious job. You can see the remains by clicking here.

It is said that Infoseek can't spider. ------ I investigated this. The reason is not because Angelfire blocked infoseek, but rather it is the other way around. This is becuase Angelfire's users have spammed Infoseeks database. You can reveiw the details of the the text file by clicking here.

their server is slow. ------ This is a biased statement. It depends on the connection you have, and other elements. No server anywhere can guarrantee 100% up time.

want to hear a biased statement? no search engines like angelfire. ------ This is a pretty rock solid statement. You could get a lot of people to agree with you on this one. (i'm being sarcastic.) what a crock.

the original work also says that there are many small glitches. ------ No server is glitch free. Don't knitpick. You can find some kind of problem with everything! Somebody was able to hack Yahoo! Glitches are inevitable.

Angelfire has poor email turnaround time ------ I have to revise an earlier statement i made about angelfire's feedback. When i applied for more web space, i got a reply which granted me more space in about 5 days. Angelfire is prompt. You just need to ask the right questions. They won't waste their tiem responding to useless letters... they're running a business, not an Q & A session.

And the number one reason?

john stuach "just plain don't like it." ------ Oh, yeah. That's gonna sell. Thats like saying, "Well, your Honor, i just didn't like him, so i killed him...." Come on now! Can't you think of some better reason?! Who is going to buy that?!

the creator of the original work is John Strauch
The original work can be found on the Anti Angelfire Page

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