MBs Offered: half a gig to unlimited
Xoom offers many different services. Xoom is composed of communities. Xoom offers unlimited space. As of May 10, 1999, Xoom's members numbers +7mil. Zoom offers many different, original services.

Free unlimited web space.Use our HTML-free Easy Page Builder 2.0. Or use your own software and FTP your site. Includes a free XOOMMail account. Earn Money through our affiliates programs. Download free clipart for your site. Participate in chats, communities, and more... Much more. Xoom is a HUGE site with many, many excellent services.

Xoom does not permit children under the age of 13 to become members, post home pages or web sites or obtain chatrooms and email accounts on its service. Members who want to use their homepage building space and tools must agree to accept our email messages as part of their free service. If you don't want to receive their email messages and remove yourself from their mailing list, they reserve the right to delete your homepage. They also block remote loading.

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