MBs Offered: 15
Provides members with free e-mail accounts, home pages, page-building tools and online help resources to make personal publishing and community-building easy. You can build your home page in one of their 40+ themed neighborhoods.

Goeocities offers interactive polls, chats & forums, contests, promotions, and a commercial marketplace. Members get free e-mail, eleven megabytes of server space for their home pages, chat rooms, topical forums, and page-building tools, including page editors which make building a homepage easy. GeoPlus provides you with tons of options so you can build your website just the way you want it with 25 megabytes extra room, many services, (i.e. cgi, applet, and counter libraries), site stats, extra subdirectory level (JOY!), dedicated support exclusive to GeoPlus members. Url comes in the form of "".

Of course, ads are always a con, but thats a constant with most services. Server expiriences many problems. A look at the system status page on a bad day can convince you. The site is large, and with that they must be reliable, but the fact that Geocities is part of Yahoo makes room for error less a room and more a house.

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