From: Quen (
Date: Tuesday, January 6, 1998 

I want to get membership because I think angelfire is GREAT let me tell you something I have tried to make pages at.. tripod geocities freeyellow and all of them did not work out they were more complicated and not as good as Angelfire I count on Angelfire and the do not delete pages well cya you guys around ANGELFIRE RULES!!!

Date: 01/05/98

....I just moved my webpage from Angelfire to Geocities. Why? Because Geo gives you 15 times more webspace!!! Angelfire = 0.2MB, Geocities 3 MB! And Angelfire's server crashed, even though it didnt affect me. But it might crash again. Angelfire is too boring, it doesnt offer any special programs or anything like Geocities does. ANGELFIRE SUCKS!

Date: Sat, 03 Jan 1998 22:12:17 -0600
From: "David J. Dalleh" (
~ is there still a news page with the old angelfire news, i.e. info on the disk crash? No angelfire has a new owner Who and Where? The crash is history. ~ has angelfire had more than one disk crash? No just one that I know off. ~ does angelfire ever just "lose pages"? Just in the crash The rest it is the home owners fault deleting the account instead of a file, or clicking on activate a file, without knowing that they are uploading, they just don't take the time to read the instructions, and don't have backup files for their pages. ~ is the angelfire neighborhood watch refered to as the "thought police"? The "report a violation form" is for anybody who runs in to a porno page or think it is not following the rules. Angelfire looks at that page and decide if that page goes or stays. They don't delete the page for just somebody repoted it without looking at it. They are out of the freedom of speach hook like any other free pages when it comes to porno or race problems. David Dalleh ( a reliable source... this guy owns the "Answer Place" which is featured on the Angelfire main page. )