From: Robin Schanck
Date: 12/29/97 5:39pm Mon

I only have one big big big problem with angelfire YAHOO LYCOS HOTBOT AND A bunch of ther search engins dont put my page in a good place theay put it under "rschanck" .. this is my only real problem with angelfire but other than that theay are fine I will tell you why angelfire is better than geocites geocites makes you use their dumb html editor and theay have a stupid City type set up tripod here is another porblem provider theay deleted my page as you stated theay can do what ever theay whant fourtoun city is horrble not because of their system but theay have that stupid city setup and there are AS SLOW AS Fu** and you said in your page you could use cgi scripts but how can you up load them the server for angelfire only takes certian kinds of files well to say it again I realy dont hate angelfire i just wish i could get on yahoo so i could recive a lot of hits