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Page Name: Shira's Wonderful Webpage
Description: Jokes, Links, Quotes, and more!
Page Name: Vic's Place
Description: sports page
Page name: Scaramanga's Cool site!
Description: Personal homepage
Page Name: Sushidude's Anime and Games Page
Description: My site is basically about Sailormoon and Dragon Ball Z.
Page Name: Kevin's Page of Metallica and Such
Description: Metallica oriented, with South Park and non-nude Chick Pics, etc.
Page Name: Koz's Korner
Description: none
Page Name: Telunjuk, Telunjuk Jempol, Telunjuk Kelingking
Description: ???
Page Name: The Unofficial Adrian Pasdar Fan Page
Description: You may know him from the short-lived FOX tv show 'Profit', come visit the only Adrian Pasdar website on the net!
Page Name: ***** Person's Rock'n Page *****
Description: This is a Rock'n personal homepage for the usual surfer
Page Name: Gray's Mighty House of Pretty Much Nothing
Description: No Description
Page Name: Dave Aust's Sort Of Homepage
Description: Dave Aust's Sort of Homepage - Pages of info about Aston Villa football club in VillaWorld and broadcasting-related links in TV Land.
Page Name: Scott's Page
Description: Includes my interests, links, and my guestbook.

Page Name: Benny's Personal Site
Description: This site defies description.

Page Name: Paul's World
Description: a hoopy, far out place.