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Welcome to Pro-Angelfire!

     I hate Angelfire." "They always lose their pages." "They always have disk crashes." "They took my page down for no reason." "You should hate them too..."
     Hold on. What ever happened to sources? Most pages on the internet are notorious for only stating opinion, and never having any facts to back them up.

      What's this all about? I'll tell you. It's about integrity. Truth. Issues no one wants to defend. Until now. The Pro-Angelfire page has been designed to tell people out there that Angelfire is the greatest homepage provider on Earth. Not to mention that we put out countless "anti-flames". There is a lot of hate-propaganda out there spawning from those persons who got something for free, encountered a complication, and then jumped on the hate bandwagon. Well, we're here to kill all that noise. I think this page should be called the "The Pro-Angel Fire Department Page".

      Please Note: While I am Pro - Angelfire, i believe in people's right to an opinion. I myself believe that Angelfire is not perfect (what is?), but i do believe Angelfire is the best. I have little to nothing against other homepage providers. I even have accounts with Geocities, Tripod and Xoom in one way or another. I, too, craved more space, before Angelfire allotted 5mb's. Now i have too much space, and I feel bad for having so much (32 mb's to be exact), and not using it all.. a litte less than 5mb's. I am not forcing my opinion on you. Basically, i'm tired of all the false accusations. Also, i do not work for Angelfire. I am an Angelfire user.

     If you are not already aware of it, the anti-angelfire page was truthfully the reason this page got started. I was just another Angelfire user, but instead of just complaining, i decided to do something about it. Now this page has it's own image, with or without the anti page. Have you ever noticed that when a page wants to depreciate something, it rarely has reliable sources? Not this page. I'm here to provide real sources that a real opinion can be based on, not just some nut's "testimony".

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