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Federation Space Game

This is a page dedicated to the Space Fantasy Game called Federation. It is a game set in the furure, where Ming is the Overlord of the solar system. A colony is on the Moon, Mars, Castillo, Mercury, Venus, and Titan.

The game starts out with you, on Earth, at the rank of Groundhog, which means that you do not have a spaceship yet. As you explore Earth, you will be able to acuire a loan for a spaceship, at which time you will become a commander. Then you will be able to accept jobs in the solar system, to gain Groats. Groats is the local currancy in Fed Space. Earn enough, and you can repay your loan. At this point you become a captain.

Captain will allow you to use the interstellar link, and jump to player created planets. As you advance further, you will become aTrader, and buy and sell commodities that you have been hauling. This is where you start making more Groats. Next is the promotion to Merchant, where you can buy your own company! Your company can have factories on the player planets, and make the commodities that the planet needs for it's exchange.

As your company makes Groats for you, you advance further, untill finally, you reach the rank of GM. This is where you can design your own planet, with locations that you want! When you finish building your intersetllar link, you can name your planet, and bring it online, into the game. Other players can now come visit, and trade on your planet.

Your planet will make you Groats even when you are not playing the game. This is a really cool rank! You can advance as fast, or as slow as you wish. It is up to you, no one rushing you to the next rank. You can haul real fast, to promote, or take your time, and explore the other worlds, and meet other players as well.

Below you will find some links to get you started, and ones other players have created to help or explain their planets.

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