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"May You Live In Interesting Times." -Chinese Proverb

Keeping a presence on the internet since February 1998(I quit counting the years, just do the calculations.)

Well, I must admit that the length of time between my updates on this site are increasing in length. It is September 2006 as I write this - a year and a half after my last update. I am generally maintaining this site as a "legacy webpage" since at the time of its construction, I was taking proverbial baby steps onto the web. That was back in February 1998. At the time I only recently had internet access to my home (a horrible dialup connection that was sorely degraded) and was trying to ascertain the general trajectory I sought to undertake in the realm of computing. I ended up going more towards hardware configuration and systems building as opposed to webpage design. I guess my pragmatic side won out as opposed to my artistic side, LOL.

Anyhow, 2006 marks a solid decade of my active involvement with the internet and computers in general. I am amazed at how much has transpired and changed since then and am certain numerous changes lie ahead. What I am no longer certain of is my frequency of updating this page. I have no intentions of discontinuing it - but with so many irons in the fire now, it's not as much of a priority as it once was. It will always remain an online reflection and testament of a much more simpler time. Long live "The Dan Page".

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