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Some Egyptian Students in Japan

NAME Information
Adel Kamal Okba
Faculty of Agriculture Kafer El-Sheihk Univ.
Now Study : at Microbial Genetics Division, Kyushu Univ.
Adel Refaat Ahmed
Faculty of Medicine Alexandria Univ.
Now Study : at Gumma Univ.
Ahmed Hamza Hussieny E-mail
Faculty of Engineering Assiut Univ.
Now Study : at Muroran Institue of Technolgy
Ahmed Hassan Ahmed
Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute
Now Study : at the Earth Science Department, Faculty of Science, Kanazawa University
Ahmed Mohamed El-Bossery
Tanta Univ. Faculty of Science, Zoology Dept.
Now : Seto Marine Biological lab., Kyoto Univ.
Ahmed Mohamed Yousef
Faculty of Science, South Valley University
Now : Study at Kanazawa University
Ala'a Mohamed El-Nahas
Housing And Building Research Center
Now : Study Civil Eng. in Tokyo Institute of Technology
Amin Mohamed El-mazni
Faculty of Vetrinary Medicine,Tanta University(Kafer El-Sheikh)
Study : Immunocytochemistry at Osaka Prefecture University,College of Agriculture,Department of Veterinary Anatomy
Arabi Elsayed Ibrahim Keshk E-mail
National Reasearch Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics.
Now: Study at Osaka University, Faculty of Engineering
Ashraf Abdel-Azim
Faculty of Medicine, El-Minya University.
Now : Study at Tokushima University,school of medicine.
Ashraf Abdel-Moneim Khalaf
Faculty of Eng. & Tech., Minia University
Now : Study Neural Networks at Faculty of Eng., Kanazawa University
Ashraf Mabrouk El-Abd
Concrete Department Housing, Building and Urban Planning Research Center
Now : Study Earthquake Engineering, at Structural Lab., Saitama University
Ashraf Mohamed Khalil
Veterinary Medicine-Suez Canal University
Now : Study at CApe-Toi Island- Miyazaki
Awwad Abdoh Radwan
Assiut University
Now : Study at School of pharmaceutical sciences,Kitasato University
Ayman Mohamed Mahrous
Detp. of Physics, Fac. of Sci., Helwan Univ.
Now : Study at Fac. of Eng. Saitama Univ.
Badawy Ibrahim
Dept of Physics, Fac. of Sci.,Cairo Univ.
Now : Study at Physics Dept. Fac. of science Niigata Uni.
Fawzy Mohamed El-Behairy
Faculty of Engineering, Asuot University
Now : Study the Structure of Concrete in Nagoya University
Gad Mohamed El-Qady
National Reseach Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics, Helwan
Now : Study at Dept. of Mining, Exploration geophysics,Kyushu University
Hassan Mohamed Baioumy
Hisham Saied Mahmoud
Faculty of Eng., Computer Depart. Tanta university
Now : Study at IIS, University of Tokyo
Ihab Abdel-Rhman Ibrahim ADAM
University Address: Okayama University, 2-1-1, Tsushima-Naka, 700-8530, Okayama,
Tel/FAX: 086-251-8156.
Home Address: Tsushima-Fukui, Ni-Chome, 15-13-2 Fukui-Kopo, R6, 700-0080, Okayama,
Tel: 086-254-7883.
Speciality: Concrete Technology "Creep and Shrinkage of High Strength Concrete"
Work at Egypt: Construction Research Institute, National Water Research Center.
Ismail Mohamed Youssef
Faculty of Engineering, Minia University
Now : Study Mechanical Engineering in Gunma University
Khaled Abdeen E-mail:
Alexandaria University, Faculty of Medicine, Neurosurgery Department
Now : Study at Nagoya University
Khaled Hafez
Magdy Hussein
Zoology Department, Faculty of Science, Minia University
Now : Study at Hiroshima University
Mahmoud El-Khouly
Home-Page :
Faculty of Science, Helwan University
Now : Study Computer Science in Saitama University.
Mohamed Fathy Yassin
Assistance Lecturer at the faculty of Engineering, Assiut University
Now : Study Environmental Engineering (Air pollution),
Murakami & Kato Lab.
Address:Institute of Industrial Science Tokyo University 7-22-1
Roppongi Minato-Ku, Tokyo 106-8558 Japan
Tel. (home)048-959-7656
Moustafa Ahmed
Faculty of Science, Physics Dept., El-Minia University
Now : Study at Faculty of Eng., Kanazawa University
Moustafa Ali Salem
Faculty of Science,Zagazig University.
Now : Study Embryology and Comparative Anatomy at Nagoya University
Nabil Ahmed Saleh Eid
Faculty of Medical , Minia University
Now : Study at Osaka Medical College
Osama Nazmy El-Assal E-mail:
Faculty of medicine, Zagazig University
Now : Study at the department of surgery, Shimane medical university, Izumo
Cairo University
Now : Study at concrete Lab. Tokyo University
Salah El-Din Abdel-Raof Abdel-Salam
Faculty of Science, Dept. of Zoology, Assuit University
Now : Ph.D. Student at Lab. of Microbiology, Faculty of Science , Kanazawa University, Kanazawa
Talaat Abdel-Fattah
Asuot University
Now : Study in Kihara Institute for Biological Research
Tarik Abdel-Aziz
El-Minya University, Faculty of Medicine Surgury Dept.
Now : Study at Nagasaki University,School of Medicine
Tarek Abdel-Rahman Agag
Faculty of Science, Tanta University,Department of Chemistry.
Now : Study Polymer Science, especially Synthesis and characterization of high performance polymer based composites.
At : School of Materials Science, Toyohashi University of Technology.
Tarek Ahmed Helmy
Faculty of Engineering Tanta Uniersity
Now : Study at Departement of Inteligent systems Kyushu Uniersity
Tarek Galal Habib
Faculty of Engineering Assiut University
Now : Study at Division Of Global Environment Engineering,Kyoto University
Zakaria ELnaggar
Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University
Now : Study at Tokyo Univ.