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Some Comments about Hajj from JAPAN

Preparation for Hajj
* Fiqh Preparation : Read all the available materials about how to perform Haj
* Spiritual Preparation ( Tawbah, Wasseyah, Doa'a .........etc.)
* Traveling preparation ( Money, clothes, .......etc.)

may be around 100,000 yen will be enough for your need including money for gifts in the Arabia + around 120,000 for the ticket ( the ticket money depend upon the season).

Taking the Hajj Visa
Contact the Saudi Embassy one month before Hajj nearly at the start of Dhul-Qee'dah Month) To confirm the requirement and date lines!
Address : 1-53, Azabu Nagasaka-cho, Minato-ku. T106-0043.
Tel : 03-3589-5241
Fax : 03-3589-5200
have the following :
1. your passport with a valid stay in Japan as well as a re-entry to Japan.
2. two draft cheeks in Saudi ryal of 444 and 435 , This will cover the transportation( This include Jeddah-Makkah, makkah-el-madinah and Madenah-Jeddah) as well as stay during Masha'er only ( from 8 Zou el-Hejjah till 12 of the same month within Saudi Arabia
3. A round trip tickets from Japan to Saudi Arabia
4. Health certificate from any Japanese hospital
5. 14 recent photo of yourself (3cm X 4.5cm) (the number is very strange!)
6. Application form from the Saudi embassy, fill it.
7. Names of two reference person ( known to the Embassy). For that you can contact the Islamic center, Kobe Mosque, Arabic Islamic Institute.
8. Letter from your supervisor in Japan stating your status of stay in Japan as well as his approval of your trip to Saudi.
9. The required vaccination, which is not available in Japan So instead you will sign a paper ( you can get it from the Embassy) telling that you are ready to take these vaccination in Saudi Arabia.)

Some Important Notices
1. You have to contact with the Saudia embassy (the address is in Living in Tokyo book) 2 months before Hajj.
2. Try to make reservations for air ticket at least three months before Hajj (very important)
3. When you contact with the embassy they will ask you to send them a letter containing your address and a stamp (100 yen). Then, they will send you a letter containing all required details.
4. Try to contact with any Hajj group from Egypt and ask them for residence with them and leaving your bags with them.

Cheap Travel Agencies
1. No. 1 Travel (03-3200-8871 Shinjiku)
(03-3986-4291 Ikebukro)
(03-3770-1381 Shibuya)
2. Just Travel (03-3362-3441)
3. Across Travel (03-5391-2871)