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We are fast approaching that time of year again when Harness Racing is once again at the Meadowlands. During the next few days we will be upgrading this site to better serve you. There will be a change this season from our daily rating service. This year, instead of posting our daily ratings we will give you the opportunity to get our ratings for any track you choose, on any day you need them. What we've done is taken our formula and made a Harness calculator with it. With this calculator all you will need do is enter a few figures for each entry and instantly get our rating for that horse. All the information you need is available from any program and you can actually rate any race in under 3 minutes total! As you know, our ratings consistently produce 4 to 8 winners every night at virtually any track they are used at. Combined with your personal handicapping and judgement, 50% winners is not only possible, people are doing it every single day! Let us know via e-mail if you have an interest in the calculator as we have a pre-publication special we can offer you. We will also be adding some other gambling reports to the site so be sure and check back soon. We'll put you on the winning track fast!!!

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And as is our policy, everyday (excluding Sundays) we will feature at least one track free of charge. Plus our Daily Best Bet. Good Luck!

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