"Hope is when we feel the pain that makes us try again."

Look at this shit. I won an award. I may have paid the judge off. But, I didn't. This proves 2 things. 1: Eric has way too much free time on his hands. 2: He must be smoking crack, because I don't even think there is a design on this page. But, I wholehartedly accept this award in the name of all that is Punk Rock. Much love.

So, thanks for coming to the page, sign the guest book, and just try to relax. We're all just kids, and we should never forget that. "The kids still have a lot to say." It's true.

I'd like to show love to the following people, for the following reasons:
1. E-Dawg, for the cool logos and whatnot.
2. My brothers in Siva, Joe, Mike, and Steve A, I'd be nothing without you guys.
3. The Siva Sluts, for OBVIOUS reasons.
4. Chrisi: Much love for all the support.
5. All the fellas up at ESU, for making life a little more memorable, so, in celebration, lets go forget some more memories.
How to be a pimp
The Hell that is my life
It's all about my sideburns.
Check out some of the bands I've Seen.

 [genocide link]

Sit around watch TV, bored with you is fine with me, say it's sad we live so far, shit is hard without a car, man, I've traveled all these miles, hide my tears behind my smiles.

So, basically, I am bored out of my skull, so if you are also bored, I'm always online...ICQ me. I'm 6176440.

Email: downsideleft@hotmail.com