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This is not published. It's just for us. Input is most welcome!! Just wanted to get this down where we could all see it if we wanted. Plenty more information yet to be organized. We could even add stories or little tidbits or personal memories. Please feel free to add on anything you know and anything you want. If you don't know HTML, just email me (, and I will add the information. This is for our families.

ATTENTION Robert and LeAnne: I lost the list of birthdates! Can you please fill in here or email them? Thanks!

The chart reads left to right.

b. abt. 1786 NJ
d. Oct 7, 1857 Woolrich, NJ Salem Co.
b. 1788
d. 1867 Pedricktown, NJ
Married. Had 8 children. One was THOMAS ROBERTS
b. abt. 1813 NJ
b. abt. 1822 NJ
Married Jan. 20, 1858. Had 4 children. One was JOSEPH ROBERTS
b. Mar 17, 1849 Camden, NJ
d. May 29, 1927 Penns Grove, NJ
b. March 11, 1861 Auburn, NJ
d. Nov 17, 1929 Auburn, NJ
Married Dec. 24, l876 in Auburn, NJ. Had 10 children. One was THOMAS FLOYD ROBERTS
b. Apr. 30, 1880
d. Jan. 30, 1930 Penns Grove, NJ
b. June 11, 1882 NJ
d. Apr. 2, 1967 Salem Hospital; Salem, NJ
Married abt. 1902
Had 6 children: Joseph, Olive, Willard, Tommy, Josephine, and Jeane.

~~~~~~~~~Eva Porch married Thomas Roberts.~~~~~~~~~

They had 6 children: Joseph(died an infant),Olive (b.9/11/1904; d.3/1994), Willard (b.8/23/1908; d.7/23/1990), Tommy (b. 2/18/1914), Josephine (b.10/26/1915; d. 7/1993) and Jeane (b.11/2/1919).

1. OLIVE and first husband had Doris.
    Doris and Harry Morrison had Bonnie, Darla, Sandy and Harry. Second husband, George Marcus.

2. WILLARD and Betty had Willard and Joanie.

3. TOMMY and first wife, Regina Whalen, had Jim, Tom, Cathy and Barbara. Second wife, Lillian.

4. JOSEPHINE and Thomas (Satchel) Kickem (b.7/12/1910; d.12/1981) had Shirley and Jeanie.
    a) Shirley and Willard Bond had Richard, Nancy, L Shirley and adopted Janie.
    b) Jeanie and Johnny Lewis had Kim, John and Jimmy.

5. JEANE and W. Laurence Storey(b.11/6/1917; d.7/8/1971) had Larry (b.10/7/41; d.10/17/95) and Donna (9/8/1947).
    a)Larry and Gladys Drummond had Larry Jr., Robert and Donald.
     b)Donna and Jim Sikes (b.3/31/1947) had Jenny (b.5/11/1973) and Laura (b.1/24/1977)

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