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Welcome to D.J. Victrola's Domain

The best nightclubs and bars in N.J. are located here.

NOTICE: Yeah, I changed my d.j. handle, so sue me

Where to go on....

Wednesdays - Saturdays

Loop Lounge
373 Broadway
Passaic Park, N.J.

This place has been around for the last 20 years and it's no small wonder. This bar/nightclub is always on the cutting edge. A safe haven for those wanting a slice of New York City without paying a $30+ cover and $9 Budweisers

On Wednesdays, I'll be in the back/Dance bar playing the best in 80's, New Wave, Gothic/Industrial, Trance, Punk and anything else that'll shake your pants. DJ Brian will be spinning his music selections in the front bar while you enjoy $1 Miller & Yuengling drafts and Ladies enjoy $3 Pretty in Pink Cosmos.

On Thursdays & Friday, Pat or Del play just good old fashion rock 'n' roll, THANK GOD! Tending the front bar is Ike or James as they pour pints out of the eight headed tap. Don't worry , what they don't have on tap they make up for it in bottles.

Meanwhile in the back room, we have bands, local bands, bands from New York City, bands from Philadelphia, bands from all over the world, and everywhere else in between and of all genres show up every Thursday & Friday Nights. They always put on a superb show and sound aurally fantastic thanks to a state of the art sound system in the hands of the Sound Maestroes known as Geoff. Stuart & Ike alternate on Thursdays & Fridays with the bartending duties and will do you right by serving the finest beverages the planet has to offer.

On Saturdays, D.J. Ted Wrigley will be mixing it up with the very best in "80's & Beyond" along with classic 80's videos on the big screen in the back bar. In the front bar, I'll play the best in Alternative & anything good. It makes for interesting happenings.

Click here to check out their web site and see their drink specials and what bands will be playing on Thursdays and Fridays

Fridays & Sundays

at Axis Lounge
316 19th Street
Carlstadt, N.J.

Fridays, DJ Ted Wrigley plays the Best in Eighties, New Wave, Industrial, Punk with specialized nights featuring & showcasing particular artists such as New Order, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Siouxsie, Etc.

Terminal 5

Every Sunday Jen, Melissa or Cheryl will entertain you with $1 Pabst Blue Ribbons and $3 Shots while DJ Dennis (aka Jr.) will spin only the VERY best and craziest in alternative. The crowd is like nothing you've seen . We got Vamps, Skinheads, Guidos, Hip-Hop Heads, Goths, Gay, Lesbian, Punks (Old & New), Metalheads, Mods, etc., etc., etc., all under one roof drinking and existing peacefully while Jr. plays some crazy, ol' intense s@#%, man!


Check out their web site if you wanna see what else is up.

Where D.J.'s should shop....

Mondo Music
225 Highland Cross
Rutherford, N.J. 07070

This place is as advertised....a D.J. Supply Center.
If you want a wide variety of domestic and/or import 12"s and c.d.'s, a new mixer, a whole sound system, accessories, and whatever else a d.j. might need, Dave Mondo will be glad to get what you need and at an affordable price.

ProSound and Stage Lighting
What do you want, they got, and they got it online.
What more do you want? Don't believe me?
Do yourself a favor and click here.

My Favorite Albums/C.D.'s of All Time (in no order except the first four)

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