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~ That which does not kill, makes one stronger ~

~ An impish grin and twinkling deep emerald eyes that hold mischief within are the first things one notices as you meet her as she pulls back the hood of her midnight blue cloak and her firey chestnut curls spill over her shoulders, a single silver lock in the front seems to shimmer softly, and she bids you a fond good day ~ Standing only a few inches over five feet, that which she does not have in size she makes up for in spirit ~ Her warm and caring manner and soft laughter instantly puts you at ease and you will soon find she is always willing to listen or lend a hand when needed ~

Born Elwen Thalia Rose Celebrindal within the golden woods of Lothlorien many an elven year ago. A happy child, full of mischief and fond of roaming the woods. She found she had a natural affinity for the animals that dwelled within, and could speak to them in her mind. Many times being scolded for missed meals and for being late for study with the village mage because of becoming lost in a conversation with bluebird or chittering with a chipmunk. As she grew, she learned swordmanship and continued her studies becoming a favorite of the Val'istar of the village. But the land surrounding the golden woods was in turmoil, dark forces of the followers of Sauron ever encroaching within. Her life was to be forever changed when her village was destroyed by ringwraiths and orcs while she was out roaming the woods. Hearing the shouts of alarm she returned too late, and all she knew and loved was gone. In the hours that followed, as she buried the dead she changed from the carefree child she once was. The woman who left the remains of her home that day carried with her the pain of loss as well as the strength of enduring. She spent many years alone living along the outskirts of Lothlorien, and the orcs soon grew wary of traveling near the "Woods of Flame Haired Elf". She took great delight in leading them on merry chases, separating their raiding parties and killing them one by one, in vengeance for what they had done to her village. Upon one of these chases she found herself stepping through a portal and arriving in the land of RhyDin. She had not been in RhyDin long when she came upon the Tavern of the Circle of Dawn and found what was to soon become her family. She still carries with her the fond memories of those days and holds dear in her heart those she came to know and love there. It was then she also met the man who would always be within her heart, Vieft Magna Deletai ShadowFire.


He was a Gentarian half-giant, an avatar of the ancient god Arakai, and a General in their guild. The bond between them and her love for him was to prove stronger than the forces of the Ancients and more powerful than death itself. Soon after they were married she was to meet the one known as Arakai. Hateful of the love Vieft and she shared, she often found herself in battle with him as he possessed Vieft and time and time again she drove Arakai away. In the years that passed she was to bear him twin sons, Arislan Vryce and Vieft Vryce. Their father often traveling about the realm with them, strapped to his strong shoulders as she spent much time involved with the politics and paperwork of the Circle. He was her bestfriend and confidant, and their lives were filled with laughter and love, yet always when she was lulled into thinking that the ancients had left them alone, Arakai would return, the final time leaving Vieft blind. Appealing to her to relieve him of his suffering and in a desperate attempt to rid himself of Arakai before the Ancient destroyed all that he loved, he placed within her hands a dagger, telling her to drive it into his heart. His brother, Shaden was to try to retrieve his soul once freed from the bond of Arakai and knowing this was their only hope, her tears streaming down her cheeks, she placed a gentle kiss upon his lips and drove the dagger into him. Through a ritual and the help of trusted friends Shaden was able to bring him back and once again she found her heart beating as his hazel eyes opened and looked into hers. But that which Arakai had given to him was then taken away, as the very castle that they lived in began to tremble, returning again to the realm from which it came. Gathering their children and what little possessions they could carry they fled to the Tower of Dawn and once again knew peace.

But as always, this peace was not long lived. Vieft was called by the Ancient known as Vryce, the god of hope, to go on a pilgrimage. Busy with her children and her guild she waited patiently for him, missing him dearly, but understanding his need to do this. She slowly rose in rank within her guild, becoming a legion commander and head of the security division, the Division of Twilight. Her door was always open to any who needed her, and she was proud of those she nicknamed "her little peanuts" , the Division of Twilight's members. It was also at this time that her son, Vieft Jr. desiring to learn the ways of the elven people journeyed to Lothlorien where he was to remain for many years not returning until he was a grown man. As the days turned into weeks, the weeks into months, she found herself lonely to the point of despair. Finding he had been taken prisoner in the realm of Escarpia and forced to fight in the slave pits there...losing his life.....she lost all will to live, all hope... and wandered until she found herself within the Temple of the very god who sent her Vieft away, Vryce.

Vryce took her as one of his own, making her his avatar and upon waking the next morning she found that a lock of her firey hair had turned to a shimmering silver that glowed brightly whenever she was filled with his presence. She was also to learn that though he was dead, her Vieft was to be near her, sometimes in body but always in spirit, only a shadow away, and would be there with her whenever she needed him. Knowledge that would sustain her in the years ahead and through the trials of facing Emplates and Ancients and the heartache of losing a son. As the years passed she met another avatar, Adruss Trinn, beloved of Torm. Their love blossomed and before Torm and Vryce one starfilled night, they declared their love and once again her heart knew joy, and she bore him a son, Adruss Jr. Yet she knew that her destiny was to be entwined with the ShadowFires, and set upon the journey to the ShadowFire's homeland of Gentara with her sons and family, entrusting her infant son, Adruss, to the elves of the Selderine Forest. His father and her husband taken by Torm, and now her guardian angel. This trip, Vryce revealed to her, would change the lives of many and end the lives of two. Her faith and her hope in the future never wavered, even unto facing her own death. Her love of her family and friends strong ~ she made the choice of giving her life in return for peace for the ShadowFires and faced the Black King alone.

The courage and valor she showed during her life was looked favorably upon by the elven god, Corellon and as she felt her life slip away she called out to her golden lion Adruss. He spirited her away to stand before Torm and Corellon, the choice of returning to life or staying with Adruss laid before her. She chose to return to her son, to raise him, yet would only retain limited memories of the life she knew before to protect her from the wrath of the Ancients. And so, marking her shoulder with the tattoo of an elven longsword, Corellon granted her life once again, and she found herself in the Forest of the Selderine and under the care of Ashlintar, a kind and noble elf. Adruss grew quickly, and was a great joy to her, and she found herself making many new friends filling her life with laughter once again.

She was to find out however, the meaning of the saying ~ once a ShadowFire, always a ShadowFire. Certain people she found would seem familiar, and as the feelings of deja vu increased until finally she sought out an old friend Darius Hun'ett and asked him what he knew of her past. Darius, in his wisdom, knew that such a day would arrive and had prepared for it long ago. He gave her a magical tome that held within it her memories, as she turned the pages each would return to her. In the space of a few hours she relived her life, forever holding each memory within her heart never to forget again. And so she wanders the realm now, finding love again with Talon Gainsborough Hauss, and keeping an ever watchful eye upon those she holds dear, her fondest wish is to bring a bit of laughter and light into each life she touches upon ~ for after all, what greater gift can be given than a smile.
And upon October 15th her heart, soul and body was joined to her soulmate Talon... to spend the rest of her life loving him ~ peace, happiness and love filling the rest of the days of her life.

CULT Co 2d40(100rps) SRoR~Cleric Div SiC(4d92+2) Rep to ICoR Council(155,260 Xps [4d91+2])
UWoR~SiC(4d45+12) Elven Realms Maringlade

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