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Welcome to my Office... White Glove studios.....
located within the Complex of DeBenedetto studios..
located at
105 wood avenue
For booking studio time Call.. 203-384-0076
ask for Tootie..(Sal Sr) this is my partner..
and request me as your engineer/producer...
Sal Debenedetto Sr...... Sweetheart Records
Neal(whatamix) Newman ........... WhiteTail Records

WhiteTail Records is a small Indie label formed in 1990 while I was living in Massapequa,NY ,and is presently located in MonroeTownship, New Jersey. we are always looking for new talent.

Please visit our Sister Company
SweetHeart Records in Bridgeport,Conn

Here is a picture of Sal in Studio A

Here I am in My Office

Studio A

Smile for the Camera during a sesson break from

Doing a Mixdown of Sweetheart Records artist Tracy Leigh Greene

Studio A

Consists of a Neve 8108 console with 56 inputs,and a 48 Buss output. This console has a long history. We purchased this console from Abby Road Studios in England. I have made many custom modifications,This console has a great warm(vintage)sound. Our control room window looking into the studio is made from 2 plates a front and back Plate of one piece Glass.Each plate is 25 feet long 7 feet high, 2inches thick where most studios would have a seam in the glass for a window of this size.This control room window weights aprox 3 tons.The control room is equipted with JBL,and Yamaha speakers Powered by Yamaha Amps.

We have a Collection of over 52 mics of different makes and models Shure,AKG,Neumann,Sennheiser,CAD,35 headphones by AKG, 15 Keyboards all makes, A 9 foot 6 inch Baby Grand piano by Baldwin,. Electric piano by Kwai, A CLAVANET keyboard given to us by STEVIE WONDER, ,and a HAMMOND B3. The studio is 65 by 50,with a 17 foot ceiling giving us aprox 3500 sq feet of studio space. The control room is 35 by 40. The Studios Acoustics were done by Bob Hanson associates of New York City. The Studio design by "Tootie" DeBenedetto. All Recorders are by OTARI. The studio and grounds are well lighted, many security features. Both Studios are clean air studios,no smoking,no drugs. Studio has a beautiful atmosphere with real great people working here. Give us a call or write to us or E-mail us. The studio has been named The WHITE GLOVE STUDIO,this name was given to us by CAPITAL RECORDS, NewYork. Because we are a clean studio.

I dont like digital recording.. this board and the Otari recorders give us such a warm vintage sound....

For Digital recording check out Our
Studio B

My Working schedule of Up coming Gigs

Some Pictures of Myself with some Famous friends

List of bands I have worked with over the Years

Inside the Sheffield Remote Mobile

Visit...AURASONIC Ltd. Remote Recording Services

Visit "Burlap To Cashmere" an Exceptional Band..

Visit "SOLE" a really Cool Band with alot of Sole..


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