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Cow Poetry

brought to us by posts on the alt.cows.moo.moo.moo newsgroup

*Please note that the following poems were written with cow lovers in mind (by both cows and their owners) and are not meant to offend any of the other animals that might be reading them, if they do, two words of advice---

Lighten up!!!!

thank you and enjoy!*


I dont know why or how,

God decided to make the cow

with its belly oh so white

and a brain thats not so bright

Eating grass

and sleep sound

all day long on the ground

When the hatchet comes to play

That when the cow has to pay

For its benelovent costic ways

As it poops and sleeps and graze

But they tase yes indeed ohsure

When there made completey kosher.

by, Nathan the awesome :)

I see you running like on chariots of fire,

running gracefully to the pond.

And as you quench your thirst in the muddy water,

your graceful reflection scatters,

as though touched with a magic wand.


How my heart flutters when in orange moon-lit night,

I hear and see your babies,

what a delightful sight,

To see them running with pretended fright,

from a skunk full of foaming rabies.

How now moo cow, will you survive,

with wolves coming out from the woods,

like bees from a hive.

You group into threes and fives,

To protect your calves and precious goods.


My father and I, we take up our guns,

and we search for the coyote, that malicious mut,

who in the day appears to be fun,

but at night deprives us of our funds,

and so we go out and put poison in his gut.


Is it our fault that coyotes eat our cows?

That we took up all their range?

Or that game officials bow

to requests to protect our cows,

or are all coyotes all in the head, deranged?


Cows are cute,

Cows are fun,

Cow babies are a beaut'

and I laugh when then toot,

from out their little buns.

-Allen Roberts


Oh Sacred Cow

If you ask me

India is the place to be

There cows are sacred

none are objects of hatred

There cows roam free

like Povich, Maurey

but are not married to Connie Chung.

-G. Vincent


A sonnet

The wide expance of fields--bovine Eden

Landscape off my moo, moo dreams calls to me

Thoughts of childhood cows gets my heart bleedin'

I wnat to graze the sky so set me free.

The Cow God looms in prophetic vision

Mooing of life, of death, of fields to come

Moment of bovine, heavenly fission;

Moo, moo parts will not equal moo, moo sum.

I am a child who yearns to graze with cows,

I am a man who seeks to herd with love

While Farmer Death prepares, readies his plows

To churn another plot, 'neath sun above.

We graze, he churns, but soon he'll get to us

To squeeze our milk or squeeze our very life.

-Tudor Idris Lewis


True Love

A milkmaid called Maisy was milking the cow,

She'd filled seven buckets and then fed the sow,

The farmer came out and he gave her the sack,

So she turned the cow round and she poured the milk back



Purple Cow

I've never seen a purple cow,

I never hope to see one,

but I can tell you anyhow,

I'd rather see then be one!

-Gelett Burgess


Queen ( a haiku)

Beautiful Holstein,

Who's milk helps give life to all;

a true dairy queen.



Hero ( a haiku)

My Bovine hero,

from high atop the mountain,

strong and wise and proud.



Roses are Red

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

if I'm a cow,

whats that to you?


Well, thats it ya'll!

Come back soon and check to see if we added more poems, or if you have one that you want posted. E-mail it to me (My address is on the front page)

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