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Bridge to the Clouds

"Best Table" bridge discussion is now functional!

Our page may not have a lot to say about Bridges, but clicking on a bridge will take you places we would like you to see. After all this is the information super highway and the word link just doesn't make it for us.

We do happen to play a lot of bridge. If you came here in search of a site about playing bridge, then bridge to "Best Table", all Bridge players and curious card players are welcome.

Sign our guest book and become a special brick in our wall. We will bridge your page to your brick if you like. You can preview the wall via the bridge below.

We hope you enjoy, thank you for visiting!

Bridge to our Guestbook:

Bridge to "Best Table":
Discussion Bulletin Board, Links to Bridge playing sites and Bridge infomation sites.

Bridge to the Wall:
A fun animated graphic, displaying all the names of the people who signed the quest book.

Bridge to The Cloud People:
The family photo album.

Bridge to The Flower People:
ICQ panel with personal pager.

In our lives we always forget to say HI, or I miss you, or you are
a good friend to me, I love you or just thinking about you from time
to time. TIME, to do that today! You are SPECIAL to me! Pass this
HUG along to your friends......................Keep the friendship going!!!

Life is very short, and we are fragile creatures. Our hearts were meant to be filled with love, not hate; and joy not sorrow. So please, stop today and take the time to tell just one person that your life is better because they are a friend. My wishes for you to have a happy and healthy New Year.

The authors of the above are unknown, but you are welcome to copy the thoughts and send them to a friend. Try bridging above to the flower people, your friend may be there if you search for them, you could send the thoughts to a friend now! We are sure they would love to hear from you!!!!

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We would like to thank our host at Angelfire for making this page possible.