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Queen Amidala's
Theed Royal Palace

"I am Queen Amidala. Or am I Sailor Saturn?"

 Yet again, I have not failed to surprise you. I am still Hotaru, a.k.a Sailor Saturn. But I wanted to be a Queen, too! So, I figured, why can't I be both Amidala and Hotaru? I have been pulling it off for a while now. So, Hotaru is back with a larger wardrobe and more white makeup.

 Members of the Royal Court (formerly the Kawaii Guys)

  Star Wars! A link into the world I am from.

  Links to other worlds.

  Sailor Moon, Bishoujo Senshi! I am not forgetting my Sailor Moon roots, here!

  Straight from Hell: The Best of South Florida Radio!

  "You mean to tell me that you built a time machine...outta a Web Site?"

  Welcome to Theed City's Poke-Gym...and meet a very special guest!

  My Poetic Side is Showing...on this special page.




Like this Sailor Neptune picture? I love the colors!

Well, that about does it! Bookmark my page for easy access and I will see you again! Sailor Moon says, "See ya!"

Okay, so I kinda messed up with the links. Oops. Uh, it's not the first time the 'Net has thrown the wool over Hotaru's eyes.