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To educate the public on the benefits of designated legal riding areas for All Terrain Vehicles and off-road motorcycles; To promote and protect the interests of All Terrain Vehicle users; To develop better and more enthusiastic relations between the public , the media and operators and riders of All Terrain Vehicles; To sponsor and promote organized events; and in general to perform any act therewith not forbidden by the state of New Jersey



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South Jersey  ATV Association NEWSSept. 9th marked our first year’s anniversary as an organization.

  We have had a wonderful year from our first meeting Sept 9th 1999.

9 ATV enthusiasts came together on that date to form an organization and decided it was high time we ATV riders got organized to fight for our right to ride in New Jersey.

  Since then:

 We have grown to over 35 members.

  We became incorporated with the state of New Jersey.

  We gathered all the laws, rules, and regulations concerning ATV riding in New Jersey.

  We gathered over 1000 signatures on petitions of people for legal riding areas in New Jerseys state forests.

  We have contacted numerous local and state politicians and governmental agencies concerning ATV and dirt-bike riding in New Jersey.

  We have had articles printed in newspapers about our group and our concerns.

  We held two ATV rodeos for our members that turned out great complete with Barrel pushes, Poker-runs, Egg shalom courses, and races for kids and adults. Everyone had a great time.

 We raised over a thousand dollars for the organization.

  We assisted area Motorcycle clubs and promoters in putting on public events.

  We had a great year and next year looks to be even better, many more people are already looking into joining the club. We are getting more involved with the community, and we are sure to have more fun events for our members. 


  We are proud to announce a major manufacturer has taken the time to come out to see us, (South Jersey ATV Association inc.) Kawasaki took the time to send representatives all the way from California to New Jersey to discuss the possibilities of Kawasaki coming up with a support type program to assist clubs like ours in opening legal riding areas. It is great to see a major manufacturer getting involved. They also brought out their all new 650 prairie and gave us a sneak preview. Looks like a great machine. You can check it out by going to Kawasaki's website in our links section


Maurice River Township is attempting to open approximately 400 acres for legal riding of ATVs and dirt-bikes In Port Elizabeth N.J. 

The Township has informed us it has hit had some problems working out a deal with WHIBCO who currently owns the land however they are still trying to establish a legal riding area in the township.

We have just been informed Buena Vista township is also interested in creating a legal riding area and is looking into the possibilities of  it . If you live in this township we urge you to contact your officials and offer your support 


FACT: There is no State Trail System nor state funding program for public off-highway recreational vehicle trails in The State of New Jersey. With your help, we want to change this situation.

The information below was taken right from the NJ DMV it states how many ATV users paid to register their ATVs in 1998 and how much money the state of New Jersey got from registration fees in 1998

ATV Resident 1,961 @ $19,610

ATV Non-Resident 9 @ $108

and yet the state still does not provide any legal riding areas for us, where does these funds go?