Angels- Beings who are the servants of God in Heaven. God sends them to Earth to take care of his children.


Banshee- Banshee appears to be a young gorgeous girl but she is actually an ancient demon. She is covered in black shrouds and can destroy you in a second.

Bird of Kildarby, The- A demonic bird used to settle differences between Lord Kildarby (see "Lord Kildarby") and his foes.

Boogie Man, The- A powerful monster who feeds on children's fear. He goes through portals in his Domain that lead to kids closets. The more that your afraid the more he likes it. He has pointy ears and a scratchy voice.


Cohila- Cohila is a 6 foot high ear wig demon. A very nasty spook. He hails from Latin America. He can trans form into a handsome human and seduce female humans.


Dry spell creature, The- A very slimy monster. Known for it's fangs, large tongue, and it's dark purple glow. It kills, by sucking the water out of people.

Demons- Creatures that tend to do the work of evil. They tend to just make a persons life a living hell. They have the power to take form of anything they choose but the usually appear as a cloud. They also can posses humans.


Evil Clowns- There are only four of these monstrous clowns. They are an elite type of vampires who appear as clowns and feed on the laughter of humans.

ECTO- Leeches-  Ghost like creatures that feed on electrical energy. SEE LILLITH

ECTO plasma- Slime which is left in place of human souls after a possession.


Fear itself- A very small and unimpressive newt looking thing. But he can find your fears and make you suffer by them.

Fire Demon- This spirit uses fire for everything. He can breath fire to destroy his enemy's and he uses fire to do his daily chores.


Ghosts- Spirits who come back to the place they died to haunt it for all eternity.

Ghost bride- This old women spirit lives in an old wishing well. She appears to men in the form of a beautiful women but soon transforms into her true hideous figure.

God- The creator of all that is good and evil. He lives in Heaven where he takes care of all the people of Earth and makes sure we are safe. He had a son named Jesus Christ (see Jesus Christ).

Gozar- A powerful being capable of taking on any form it chooses. During the rectification of the Vuldronaii, it choose the form of a large and moving Torb. During the third reconciliation of the last Meketrex Supplicants, it choose the form of a giant Sloar. In 1984 it appeared as a women.

Gremlin, The- This 2 foot high booger leaves slime behind wherever he goes. He has red shining eyes and loves to mess up electric equipment.

Grundel- The Grundel is an ugly reptilian like figure covered in black. Temps children with whatever the children want but if they go they with the Grundel they will never return.


Harasvelg- A primordial flying beast who is summoned by the Scepter of Donar. His main power is the ability to control the weather.

House Demon- This ECTO- monster usually is found in the form of a house or an old women. In reality the House Demon is a slug like creature with multiple sets of clawed arms.

Hades- A Greek Mythological God who is pure evil. He is Zeus's brother and tends to interfere with the good of man.



Jersey Devil, The- A dragon like Demon who instantly can turn metal into rust with his breath. He makes a creaking sound when he flies and is very dangerous.

Jesus Christ- The son of God. Made many miraculous healings before he was crucified on a cross.


Kahlil- All mortals that touch this demon's ruins will be brought to him by his demi-henchmen and will be destroyed. Kahil is a small bug like creature with a way oversized head.

Kildarby Clan- Led by Lord Kildarby. Killed while they slept by their enemies.

Kirilian, Edward (the Evil one)- Edward was a friend of Egon's who went mad long ago, and now has successfully enslaved the ECTO spirit community to do his bidding.


Leprechauns- A 2 foot tall Irish monster. They have an evil toothless grin and can shoot green lightning bolts from their shillelagh which have the power to make a normal person have terribly bad luck.

Library Ghost, The- This free floating full torso vaporous apparition was spotted by ten people at the NY public library on 5th Ave. It blew books off shelves from twenty feet away and it didn't like to be disturbed while reading. It also stacked books like the mysterious symmetrical book stackings of 1947.

Lillith- Lillith is the queen of the ECTO- Leeches. She has the power to disguise her self as a women.

Lord Kildarby- The most powerful warrior of the Kildarby clan. He led the Kildarby Clan into battle.

Lotan- Lotan travels under ground but he can also fly, Electric machinery breaks down when he is close by.

Luko- Luko has the power to inhabit machinery. He then uses people to try to build the king of machines for him to inhabit.


Maiikrob- A ectoplasmic sailor who has been hunting Luko throughtout time. He is armed only with a spear gun.

Mirror Demon-The mirror demon is a specter who lives in an alternate dimension. This dimension is called "limbo" and it can only be entered or exited through mirrors.

The Mistress- A beautiful demonic queen who controls Demi-dog. She has scaly skin and big bulb eyes.

Mood Slime- Slime which reacts to human emotion. If it feeds on enough bad vibes it will transform into a ghost. It can also be found in Mood lamps.

Morpheus- A dream demon who can take on many human forms.

Murry the Mantis- A ballon of the lovable cartoon character that was possesed by spirits of a cemetary. The ballon factory where Murry was made is the site of the burial ground.




Poltergeist- Ghosts that are known to haunt houses and such. They tend to be very pesky and sometimes violent.

Parallelograms- In this sense we are not talking about shapes. Spiritual parallelograms are portals into another realm. A ghost realm where there no escape.  Examples are the Bermuda Triangle and the New Jersey Parallelogram.



Radioactive Ghost- A green turtle like ghost who feeds on radioactive energy. The energy makes him grow.


Salesman, The-  An ugly looking apparition who appears in the form of a human with a straw hat on but in reality he has big ugly yellow eyes and hands like talons.

Samhain- His mission was to slow time to a halt on Halloween to make October 31 internal. This plan was put on hold after he was incased in stone. He is know as "the spirit of Halloweens day" or just Halloween. He has control over supernatural forces. He can summon ghosts to do his bidding.

Sandman- A powerful creature able to put people asleep for 500 yrs.

Sandman, The Ultimate- A Sandman with especially powerful sleeping dust. So powerful that his victims dreams come true. He also has the power to make his victims dreams turn into nightmares. His goal is to create world peace by putting the entire population to sleep.

Satan- A demonic Angel who was banished from Heaven after he stated he was better than God (see God). He is in Hell making plans to destroy God and his followers until the day Jesus Christ (see Jesus Christ) returns and God sends Satan in to the river fire where he will remain for all eternity. (He'll lose)

Savana- A spirit who uses his tentacles to infect food. The people who eat the food get a craving for everything in site. Then the digested food turns to Ecto energy and the Ravana feeds on this.

Scolari Brothers- Two criminal brothers put to death by the courts. when they returned from the dead they were looking for revenge on the Judge responsible.

Shanbahac- An ancient demon from the Amazon which can control certain seeds and plants.

Sleeping Ghosts- Ghosts who are forever looking for a quite place to sleep. When they are awoken they are very cranky.


An ugly little spud that was classified as a focused, non-terminal, repeating phantasm or a class five full roaming vapor. He's been clocked up to speeds of 25 MPH. He has a huge appetite and will eat everything in site.

The Sphinx- This horrific creature has the body of a lion, the head of a dog, big bird wings and, a snake for a tail. He also has the deadly ability to shoot lightning bolts from his eyes. He is known to ask the question "What walks on four legs in the morning, two in the afternoon, and three at night?"

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man-

This giant marshmallow was the chosen form of Gozar the Destructor. He was 100-125 feet tall. He was destroyed after the Ghostbusters crossed the streams of their proton packs and blew off the top three floors of Dana Barett's apartment building.


Tempus- This ghost has the ability to travel through time. He can turn into smoke and has the ability to turn himself into the Tempus from the past or the Tempus from the future.

Tenebraug- A spirit bent on stealing eyes from living souls. He is ten feet tall and has many eyes himself. He is very slimy and his head is out of proportion to the rest of him. He also has A mouth like opening where he keeps the eyes of all his victims.

Terror Dogs- Vinz Clortho and Zuul appear in the form of two Terror Dogs. Female Terror Dogs have longer horns than the male Terror Dogs.

Trolls- Beings of unknown origin which tend to live under water or under bridges. They are very protective and do not like humans.



The Vathek- A trio of demons. They consist of:

Craniac- Has A obvious feature. He has a saw stuck in his head.
Corpuscle- An over weight spirit with no facial features. He sees through eyes in the palms of his hands.
Gristle- Skeletal looking spirit with dental tools for arms.

Vigo The Carpathian- A powerful magician and a genius in many ways. He was also a lunatic. He killed hundreds of people. He lived to the age of 105. He didn't die of old age. He was poisoned, stabbed, shot, hung, stretched, disemboweled and drawn and quartered. His last words were "Death is but a door, time is but a window, I'll be back!"

Vampires- Creatures of the night which feed on blood of humans. If they are caught in daylight they will die. If you are bit and killed you will come back to life three days later as a Vampire.


What- A deadly demon who can posses and take on any form it chooses. It can control other spirits. What is also very smart. It also has a pretty little parrot which in reality is a hairless bird who breathes fire and has small wings and sharp claws.




Zuul- Zuul was the Terror Dog that possessed Dana Barett.