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rants, rage and other things

this is a new addition i decided to create after viewing the film 'eyes wide shut.' i know just mentioning the title stirs some kind of emotion in many people, but i don't want to rant about the film.

kubrick's film irritated me in one huge aspect. it reinforced the choice society and hollywood have made to accept, and expect, female nudity while being puritanical in protecting 'male decency.'

Why is this? i don't have any answers. but i have serious concerns about what is happening. we, as a society, and we, as females, have allowed media to objectify us time after time. and i am quite bothered that we have accepted it ourselves. look around you...not just movies, but magazines, television, and all the damn ad banners that constiently pop up while on the internet.

so am i just being a feminist and blowing this out of proportion? i really don't think so. i am not suggesting nudity should be removed from all media. there is no way that would be possible, and there is no reason to stip media of the beauty of the female body. in defense of 'eyes,' the actresses were real women, not barbie dolls in human size. but why are the censors so concerned with keeping the male body out of film? what makes men special that they must hide in capes while women are allowed to be bare before our eyes?