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Ask Mr. M&M

Let Mr. M&M's Axioms Answer All of Your Questions Regarding the Cautelous Snares

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, cautelous snares technically mean acts of trickery. Here they are meant to be ingenious phrases that perplex the mind. So allow Mr. M&M to put your mind to rest and inform you of their true meanings.

More answers are on the way!

Answer to Snare # 1

You might be wondering, 'What is Balaam's donkey'?


This answer can be found in the Bible in Numbers 22: 22-33. However, it is a cautelous snare because when Balaam hits his donkey, the donkey responds with 'What have I done thee, that thou hast smitten me these three times?' Rather than being in awe, Balaam reponds with 'I would there were a sword in mine hand , for now would I kill thee.' Obviously Balaam is not impressed by the speech of his donkey. Thus, because of its peculiararity, this story well deserves the title of a cautelous snare.

Answer to Snare # 3

You may be asking yourself, 'What is the smokehouse wall'?


This is of the phrase: I'll tan your hide and tack it to the smokehouse wall!

Like an animal who shall be used for clothing, this severe beating implies that not only will you be slaughtered and tanned in acid, but you will be hung out to dry and worn like a garment by your assaulter. Hence, one does not want to visit the smokehouse wall!

Answer to Snare # 4

With much confusion you may be pondering 'Who or what are drunken rugby lesbians'?


Before I went to college I may have asked the same thing. Yet, alas, now I know quite well. They occupied the same floor of the dorm that I lived in. They were girls who were extraordinarily promiscuious and lacked any type of judgment. They were 'friendly' with both many boys and girls. In accordance with being unable to resist temptation, they drank themselves into oblivion consistently. Perhaps this accounts for there poor judgement. They were members of the rugby team who partook in a bit too much off field contact. Their behavior is definitely a cautelous snare! However, while the effects of a certain letter written to their parents are still unknown, it will indubitably result in unfavorable consequences for them and perhaps a few more constrictions. Consequently, the demise of this inexorable plague of drunken rugby lesbians shall hopefully occur within the near future.

Answer to Snare # 5

Perhaps you are perplexed by the meaning of rented mules?


This phrase is a sortened version of the infamous expression: Beaten Like a Rented Mule

A mule that is rented can be beaten to take out all of your frustrations since it cannot retaliate yet is able to endure great punishment. The reason that it is a rented mule is because then it does not matter what you do to him since you will be bringing him back anyway. Warning: Do not try this on a donkey!!!

Answer to Snare # 6

What is 'antiquated' and how is it antiquated?


Antiquated is something that is out of date and out of use. However, the word antiquated has become outdated and is no longer used very often. Thus, antiquated describes itself. For this unique property of the word, it is a cautelous snare.

Answer to Snare # 8

You may be saying why write 'Do not place an object in front of a blind man so that he may stumble upon it'?


This is actually taken right out of the Bible in Leviticus 19: 14. The reason that this is a snare is that it is amazing that the act of placing a stumblingblock before a blind man for the personal amusement of watching him fall upon it must have been common enough to warrant its mentioning in the Bible. I guess some people just have a warped idea of fun.

Answer to Snare # 12

You may be wondering, why should people in grass houses not throw grass?

There are two reasons:

It would be foolish to throw grass if you lived in a grass house because you would be destroying your own house in the process, and why throw grass when it could not possibly hurt anyone?