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The Ozmosis of Jozeppe!

The guest book has been brought back, so please feel free to leave a message and tell me what you think. Once again though Jozeppe is on the move so be sure to keep an eye open in case he appears in your area . Also, enjoy the page and be sure to check out all of the links under "places you fain wald visit"! A few new poems have been added so check them out and tell me what you think!

Open Question: Do squirrels run in the middle of the road because they are being dared by their furry friends, or do they simply want to die?

The Dog

! ! Je Renais De Mes Cendres ! !

I think I look a little too much like a Pilgrim!

This is my attempt at a Mentos commercial!

Be sure to inquire about the book on coping strategies!!!

This is me with Gizmo!

I'll figure out some direction sooner or later!

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Hop on down and see some more pictures!!!

Cautelous Snares

Links to Places You Fain Wald Visit!

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