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The Family

My father Kevin, me, and my brother Nick!

Family Ancestory of Joe

Giuseppe's Genealogy

This page will be about my immediate family. Who we are and where we are from. However, It is currently under construction.

This is my step-sister Nicole and my step-brother Richard.

This is my step-brother Rich and my step-sister Nicole on Halloween.

This is my dad, my step mother Cathy, and my step brother Rich.

This is my brother Nick.

This is me with my family in Disney World...I cannot remember why i was so upset though...oh well!!!

This is my brother Nick with his girlfriend Christine.

This is my father Kevin and my step-mother Cathy.

This is my father Kevin, my Uncle Ralph, and my Uncle Edward.

This is my father Kevin coaching one of my baseball games.

Myself and my brother Nick dressed in tuxedos for our proms.

This is me in my tuxedo for my father's wedding.

Our house.