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i finally found this album (at a Tower no less) and i have to say i really like it. some of the tracks are surprising--Scarecrow in particular--but somehow despite the very different sound to it, you still kinda like it. its a nice little package of work from Ogre and Atkins..ill put a more detailed opinion in once i have the time. just make sure you go out and pick up "Bedside Toxicology." ..ok after having listened to the album in more detail, i have to say i like it even more than i realized. And When is a *great* song, in my opinion. true, it seems a little cheesy, but that doesn't even matter! maybe i can just identify with it right now. i was really digging that track last night.. Imago is really groovy as well. the whole entire cd is very psycho-sexual.. well, more later.

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