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My Favorite Links

Angelfire - Easiest Free Home Pages
WhoWhere? - The Best Communications Guide on the Web
DigitSmith, Inc. - Embroidery Digitizing & Custom Embroidery Services
Matt's Script Archive - Awesome Web Server Scripts found my bit of cyberspace. i'll admit right now, i have no idea how to design webpages, so don't judge me by the way these things look. anyways, im a 19 year old girly from new jersey...i just finished up my first year in college (Montclair State U.) and am now looking forward (not really) to a rather dull summer of work and living at home again. i take people seriously...they are not creatures to be messed with. i have a few close friends who know me pretty well, and then there's the plethora of people i simply hang out and have fun with. and yes, i'm the type to use words like 'plethora.' my interests lie mostly in music, writing, movies, and sleep. i'm an english major who's still not settled on a minor (it *was* psychology)...i like cartoons and horses and starry skies and being outside. is someone actually reading this?