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Tell all the people that I meet
Not to shun the fires in my eyes
Let it be known to all the souls
That it is not them I seek
May the angels behold the words untold
Relieving them from anger
Should the demons flee then call them back
And let me say out loud "Fear me now"
So when at last I reach
After many a mile
The goal for so much pain
At last I may rest
And know for sure
That I
Am alone

Living forever in stories untold
Lying me down on the woven thorns
Bleed us dry as you drained our wants
Come with us now to the place for me to bear
Follow the trail, the ivory lines

Like so much blood, the path we set
Inter the souls, the once more found
Something so frail, something so strong
Someone so lost
Death, like a lady
Gracefully enters our dream
As always you laugh
Tell me to leave us alone
Tell me to live, like you would die
Let me lie
Lay me down, one last time
In a dream of innocence.
Once lost, never regained.

Days like these
When there's nothing but rain
Dancing on my windowpane
Trickling down my hardened walls
In my mind I still see suns
Blazing from a clearblue sky
Shining 'pon us all
Reflecting in those eyes of yours.
The ones you told
Would never, ever cry
But the sun would set
And your word be broken
Our walls would shatter
Our thoughts be spoken
I'd see you dancing like a dying flame
And you would look through me
With hardened eyes
Whisper softly from your broken heart
'What once has changed can never be the same.'
My path then took me north
While yours would lead you down.
You're dancing now with angels
I'm sleeping in the rain.

The brokenhearted angel falls
Down into the dismal light
On the cold, hard ground tween concrete towers
She stands to her feet and dusts of her wings
Seeing the sizes that encompass the void she kneels
Singing into the night of fairyfaced dreamers,
Cremating their pain in bowls of lust and passion
Sipping in their poisons in the dimly lit bars
She watches them dying on a oneway lane
Streaks of colour flying past them into oblivion
As she sits down beside them, playing with the corpses
Dancing with the limbs and rotting innards
Screaming, screaming, screaming she laughs
Dropping the hand she stares in awe as the lifeless dies
Once more...
She screams... Into oblivion with a racing heart
Pounding on the walls of an urban prison
She sobs her sorrow, clawing at her face
Falling to her knees she closes her mouth
Staring up at the sky she rises once more

You took me out
I brought you along
You were my angel
I was your light
We lived on the winds
We slept on the fields
Ignoring the voices
We danced with the demons
Laughing aloud midst fire and pain
United too late, divided too soon
The laughter died out,
A pain too intense
Promises broken
Lives unfulfilled
You danced with the angels
With footsteps too slow
One now free
The other chained
Blood now lost
Innocence won

Unscathed shoulders
Burned by the light
Divided veins in an ocean too red
Feelings entwined
Emotions soon found
With broken wings
And bloodsoiled swords
Our heroes now lost
Deities now passed
Lie down beside us
Dream with me now
Join me tomorrow
As your voice said you would
Follow me down
Through the raging storms
Bring me back up
Like I kept you down
Once given, threefold returned
Opened gates you shut too tight
Bridges now burned
Love once more lost.
Desiring communion
With those you regain
From ones never lost.

Run little baby
Don't look back
Move now faster
Leave no track
I follow you home
Through the darkened woods
I lead your flesh
Through the golden thorns
Laying you down on emerald tiles
We hide like cowards in the shining light
Living shortly, like others we flee
Dying slowly, like few we halt
Now that our day has come
And we run no more
Take my hand and look behind you
Let us join in ceased caress
Let them take us home

all of the above poems are copyrighted by the author and may not be reproduced without his express permission. contact me for information.