"friends will help you move the bodies."

through the course of my life i have stumbled across those who have made the journey a bit more tolerable. to these people i owe so much, but ha ha, all they're getting is some credit on this page. kinda like, "i put up with krysta for HOW LONG? and all i got was a stupid thank you on the web!" oh well, since you're all my friends, you should all know better than to expect more *wink wink*!


these are the people i have met in the past year, who made my stay at MSU just a bit more tolerable...


Jessica was the girl who had the unfortunate luck of being cast as my roomate. she can thank marjorie coleman-carter for that. anyways, she is just about the complete opposite of me, but her and i (after a month or two) discovered we had a common bond: we were both CRAZY. not Veronica-crazy (you're laughing, right Jess?) but prank-people-on-campus-and-get-questioned-by-the-police crazy. her and i deal with a lot of crap from eachother, and we have our moments of fighting, but like any healthy relationship, we work through it all.

and it sure is true what they say about make-up sex!


Jackie was the first of my co-workers to dare get to know me better. i think we bonded the night i let her watch "The Crucible" in my dorm room.. either that or she caught me eyeing her boyfriend (Hi Tom!) and felt the need to check me out. Jackie's a...character. she's the type that will complain about ANYTHING to ANYONE who will listen! this makes for great entertainment though, because she lets it rip in drive-thru's and restaurants and diners. but of course Jackie has bitched at me and let me tell you its SCARY to be at the other end of it. we all gave her the Al Bundy award because she's always got her hand down her pants...


Ian was the second of my co-workers to dare get to know me better. he's a nice guy who's fun to work with...and when he gets going on a story, he keeps going, and going, and going...the Never-Ending Storyteller. Ian's also into certain other fun-filled activities that i will not mention...but i have to thank him for all the party moments we all had in his room. so Ian, whats in the brown bag?

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