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Pete's Amazon World - About Pete

Pete is a Lilac-Crowned Amazon Parrot. Although the Lilac-Crowned Amazon is not one of the so called "most popular" species of parrots that you see in most pet stores today, they are one of the most lovable and friendly birds that you can possibly own. As a species they are not the most prolific talkers, but don't tell that to Pete! He currently says "pretty pretty girl", "I love my kisses", "I'm going to get your belly", "hello", and "what are you doing". He also makes cat sounds and a mix between a laugh and a horse sound!

Please read about the Lilac-Crowned species below:

The Finsch's or Lilac-Crowned Amazon - Amazona finschi, is an inhabitant of Western Mexico where it is still found in reasonably large numbers. A medium sized parrot, the Finsch's measures up to 33cms (14 inches)and is predominantly green, with blackish edges to the feathers on the nape and breast. The forehead is maroon, whilst the crown and cheek edges are almost metallic lilac.

As with many Amazon Parrots there is a brighly coloured bar on the wing, which is hidden whilst the bird is resting. In the case of the Finsch's, it is bright pinkish red. The horn coloured beak is said to be shorter and broader in females although this appears to be an unreliable method of sexing the birds since there can be a good deal of variability in size between individual birds.

In areas where the Finsch's remains comparatively common, they can collect in flocks of over 100 birds outside the breeding season and do considerable damage to farm crops. For this reason, they are still persecuted by farmers. They are very strong flyers and make a good deal of noise when on the wing particularly when coming in to roost. Since much of the area is subject to deforestation, it is only a matter of time before the Finsch's Amazon joins that ever increasing list of scarce or rare bird species.

Pete is very excited as you can see from the picture below. Pete is happy happy happy!

Pete's Favorite Hobbies - movie making, fishing, cooking, and travel

In the scene below, Pete is greeting a visitor. He is the good entertainer and loves to be the center of attention.

Please come back and visit Pete soon!