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Useless, pointless, and overall pretty stupid trivia

-American Express cards were originally purple, not green.

-Maine is the world's largest producer of toothpicks.

-The medical condition "erytherma" strikes tens of millions of Americans every summer. They call it sun burn for short.

-The Pentagon has 685 water fountains!

-The White House has a total of 34 bathrooms!

-The average life span of a one dollar bill is about eighteen (18) months.

-"Bob" was the first male name given to an Atlantic hurricane.

-In one day, 6.8 billion (6,800,000,000) gallons of water are flushed down American toliets.

-Virginia actually extends further west then West Virginia by about 57 miles.

-It is estimanted that by the time a child reaches 18, he/she will have watched more than 17,000 hours of TV. That's more then 708 days and almost 2 year!

-The average person person sleeps about 2,920 hours each year. Figure on a 70 year life span and that's 204,400 hours or about 23 years!

-Alaska is the only state in the US where houseflies don't live

-While your reading this sentence, three more babies are being born into the world.

-On an average day, Americans drink about 3 million gallons of orange juice.

-There are 12 times as many Irish people in the United States then there is in Ireland

-Kalamazoo, MI is nicknamed the "Celery City."

-Melt an ice cube in your mouth and you'll burn 2.3 calories.

-In the mid 1800's, there were more buffalo than people in the United States

-Chinese checkers orginated in England

-Humans have to do it when they sneeze, frogs do it when they swallow, what is it?
* Answer: Close there eyes

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