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Last Updated 26.June 2002

Credendo Vides
"By Believing One Sees"

©Brian Froud 
Image from the book "Faeries"
Greetings and Adorations.

Welcome to my little cubbie hole of cyberspace, otherwise known as my "Den of Narcissism". This being a home page, it is dedicated to you, the viewer, getting to know me and the things I love, - not Goldfish breeding or how to remove an impacted Gerbil.
Who am I you may ask? Well, that answer certainly depends on who you talk to. Some have said that I am an Enigma wrapped up in a Riddle. Others have called me crazy. That's okay...that's for you to decide. But what about you...I believe the question really is... what are YOU doing here? The answer to that doesn't really're here now and somehow I've managed to keep your attention for this long. In any case, have a look around...the contents aren't that mentally damaging, after all. Who knows, perhaps you leave here with a new view on things. So the time has come. Time for you, to choose your path. Where do you want to go?

Well before you you get to really see anything, you're going to have to seal your fate and decide whether you would like Flash (Requires Flash 5 Plug in and High Speed Connections or lots of Patience) or straight up html (still some good reading but better for those with evil-slow dial-up connections).


High Speed Modem Connections Blessed Be Dial Up Modem Connections

*This site hasn't actually been updated in about 2 years at the time of this edit (06/28/04). It remains here for posterity and to serve as a link to my actual website. (Both Hi-Fi and Lo-Fi Take you to the exact same site - Thank You.

Goddess Bless the US This is my little spy that will tell me all about you *evil grin* heeheehee, there's no escaping me now!.....
Don't like the color, format, my breath - Let me know - I strive to make your visit enjoyable. Complaints should be submitted via email to the address above where they will be ignored and thrown away in turn. By being here you are acknowledging that I, the owner, is a supreme authority and that you are better and more whole for having visited. You are enthusiastically acknowledging your willingness to stand and be counted as a members of The House of Insanity. Your presence signifies your undying gratitude for having had the privilege of perusing the owners mind. Your presence signifies your fanatical willingness to step in front of a bullet, mack truck, Amtrack train, street sweeper, zamboni, or any other such instrument of death which may at any time be bearing down on the owner. Furthermore, your presence is testimony to your gratitude that the owner is so unselfish as to allow you to do any of the above things. If for any totally foolish, selfish, or downright stupid reason you feel like you can not abide by the above conditions, you are cordially invited to BITE-ME!
Complements are more then welcome....thank-you.