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Age of Empire 2 Cheats

Age Of Empires 2: The Age Of Kings

Cheat mode:
Press [Enter] to display the chat window and type one of following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: The codes can not be enabled in a multi-player game unless the host selects "Allow Cheats" check box when the game is set-up.

Effect Code
1000 stonerock on
1000 woodlumberjack
1000 goldrobin hood
1000 foodcheese steak jimmy's
Full mapmarco
No shadowspolo
Fast buildingaegis
Control animalsnatural wonders
Instant victoryi r winner
Instant lossresign
Tall, fast moving, useless villager1 i love the monkey head
Shelby Cobra car with twin machine guns1 how do you turn this on
Kill indicated opponenttorpedo<number>
Destroy all opponentsblack death
Saboteur unitto smithereens

1. This code may not be enabled in campaigns.

Cheat mode (command line):
Start the game with one of the following command line parameters to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Command line parameter
800 x 600 screen resolution800
1024 x 768 screen resolution1024
1280 x 1024 screen resolution1280
Auto save gameautompsave
Fix display problems with some video cards Mfill
Fix SoundBlaster AWE freezesMsync
Disable all music. NoMusic
Standard mouse pointerNormalMouse
Disable all sounds except during FMV sequences NoSound
No pre-game FMV sequencesNoStartup
Disable all terrain soundsNoTerrainSound

Cheat mode (alternate):
Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Build immutable structure[Ctrl] + P
Alternate resource menu[Ctrl] + T
Fast construction[Ctrl] + Q
View ending sequence[Ctrl] + C

Cheat mode (demo):
Press [Enter] to display the chat window and type one of following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
1000 foodpepperoni pizza
1000 goldcoinage
1000 stonequarry
1000 woodwoodstock
Animal controlgaia
Full mapreveal map
Instant buildingsteroids
No fog of warno fog

Hint: Fast resources:
Use the following trick to rapidly enter the cheat codes and get resources quickly. For wood, press [Enter], type lumberjack, highlight the word, then press [Ctrl] + C to copy it. Press [Enter] to activate the cheat. Press [Enter] again, then press [Ctrl] + V to paste the word on the screen for activation. Repeat to get resources quickly. This may be used with the rock on, robin hood, cheese stack jimmy's, and to smithereens codes.

Hint: More bases advantage:
To have a better chance of winning, you might want to build more than one base. Enlarge the base you start out with, making it completely fortified with at least two castles. Then, send a scout cavalry, or some other fast moving unit, to the opposite side of the map from your base. After you have checked the area and confirmed that it is safe, send a villager to build a castle at that location and fortify that base. This is very helpful if your enemy knows where one of your bases are located, especially during online play.