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Here is an example of a personal web page

Blair Osburn's Home Page

Welcome to my page, I would like to tell you a little about myself. First off, I'm a Junior At WWPHS. I play Football And Baseball for the school. I'm am currently employed as a manager with the Spider Web Computer Inc. It is a great company that devotes most of there time to making dynamic web pages for Common day teens. Well On to My Life. Enjoy your time here.

If this was your page you could have many differnt things after your introduction
One Example is you could have a list of hobbies
My Hobies Are:
  1. I like to play baseball & Football
  2. I love Girls
  3. Bla Bla

Or you could have links to your friends pages or your favorite Links

MY Favorite Links:

The Pirates Lounge
Comedy Central

Your Imaginary is endless We can create anything that you want. So go and get your own web page.

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